Applock – Time Pin Fingerprint & Pattern Lock Best Apk

Protect all your installed apps with AppLock (dynamic password)

Applock – Time Pin Fingerprint & Pattern Lock Best Apk

Worried about the disclosure of your PIN code when you open your applications?
Upload – Time Password will be saved here.


Ep Epic Lock (Privacy Protection) can lock Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, Future Years and any app you choose. Prevent confidential access and protect privacy. Maintenance Guarantee

Hides and saves photos and videos: Imported photos and videos can be viewed on the phone only after entering the correct code.

★ Personal Browser: With the help of personal browser, your internet search will leave no trace. There are also marking features.

Customize the wallpaper for the lock screen – you can apply Wallpaper HD or choose from the gallery.
Turn the sound on / off.
Disable / Disable Unlocked Company.
Fingerprint support
Support hack instructions and see who is trying to crash
The clock supports 12 hours and 24 hours b.
Secure 100 Secure Secure and Secure App Locktime Password
Reverse Switch Pin – Set the reverse to your current lock This is your current time, PIN or PIN + Now.
Minute Minute Preset / Post Set – More protection means adjusting your current time to a pre-set minute or minute.
Hide app icon – Hide this app icon to surprise your friends because the app lock exists. Turn it off by calling 666 # 6
Choose your lock type. Either you want the current system time to generate your app lock password or you want to create your custom PIN with different time periods such as hours, minutes or full time. Anything is possible with this app.

► Current Time – This is the default password on the lock screen. For example, if time was 01:47, then PIN 47 would be 014747.

Pass PIN Pass Code – Users can choose a password.

PIN + Minute Passcode – For example, if your number is 12 and the time is 1:45, the PIN number will be 1245.

► PIN + Current Time Passcode – For example if your desired number is 45 and time is 02:37 then PIN will be 450237.

پاس Passport of the day – for example, if the number you selected is 45 and the date is July 4, 2017, the PIN would be 450407.

► PIN + hour passcode – for example, if you like 12 and the time is 1:45, the pin will be 4501.

— Instructions —

How to lock Giomi / M iPhone?
IA Xiaomi / MI phones have individual permission configuration styles. To use the Unlock Time Password on the Xiaomi / Miphone, please follow the steps below.
1. Open Security Applications -> Allow.
Optional Allow -> Select Apple Lock – Time Password -> Allow
2. Go back to Permission -> Auto Start -> Allow Applock Lock Time Password in Auto Start.

Important note for Huawei customers
Huawei devices have a toss-up service that interferes with the app. For our application to work with devices, you need to add the application locktime password to allow applications in the security settings of these devices.
Huawei: Add Phone Manager Applications> Saved Applications> App Locktime Password to the list.




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