BMW iDrive 7.0 (all-new) 2020 Detailed Tutorial: Best Tech Help

BMW iDrive 7.0 (all-new) 2020 Detailed Tutorial: Best Tech Help


Hello and welcome to the BMW Android 7.0 Technology Guide video in this video. We hope you’ll get a good idea of the system by taking a closer look at all the newer versions of the i-engine that will be updated and available in the latest BMW for 2020. Our products will cover all B-Covers but if you want to skip the parts you are particularly interested in, let’s get started.

So this is a new version of iDrive called iDrive 7.0. So one of the great advantages of this system is that you now have the ability to control via touch screen in addition to your normal control buttons, which are always controlled in different ways for PMW. It now has a touch screen and you can now use voice commands to communicate with the new voice partner on the system.

As far as the software itself is concerned, we start with the home screen. Now you get 10 home select screens. So in each of these cases, you can choose how to fill your tiles and then rearrange these home screens, all you have to do is get here and click this button here. Do After clicking it allows you to add a new page or change the design. We can click here and say we want to drive traffic or make what you see special. no. Okay now I have created a page and this is basically my visit page.

So in addition to traffic messages, I also got traffic. They will pass you by with a shortcut close to you. It shows the key parts of the iDrive system, so we’ll start with the media here, of course all your equipment is audio on, so now I’m connected to standard Bluetooth and I can see everything in a row And I can arrange the song directly here. You can change my various sources here so that I can.

Work like my XM satellite radio and we can watch all the different radio stations and we can play and pause the music as soon as it is broadcast live. It’s part of your phone, it literally sends you to your last phone call where you call yourself, through which you can scroll, or you can start drawing letters, and so on. Finally Control We also support SMS so that you can see all your text messages synced automatically from your phone, you can click on it directly. You can read aloud in the garage on May 11, 2019 at 12:36 pm or higher, then you can answer various questions by calling. You can literally request it.

Our next thing is on us. This is standard in most BMWs, as long as you have a large screen so you can see our main screen before it has an option to show a part of our map so that we can map directly. Click on And as you can see, you have great graphics. It’s in 3D now and if I zoom in a little more and if it’s enabled we’ll go to Satellite View. We can do this by accessing the map settings, so we can automatically zoom in and take 3D building and satellite images online and later.

BMW iDrive 7.0 (all-new) 2020 Detailed Tutorial: Best Tech Help

So you see, we usually have a realistic view of what’s going on around us, and then we get back to our list. We can return it, we can find things of interest, so we can find a gas station or a charging station, because this particular car is a series of seven electric series, so we can go to Walmart in West Chester and West Cincinnati.

, See in Ohio, and we can point here. Now look at the car button here. It depends on the BMW range, but we can see things like driving conditions, these are completely different things about the car. What is the tire oil pressure around us? These kinds of things that tell you can also give you information about driving. This is travel information.

You can enable the sports display so you can see things like your GU gauge here which is now reminiscent of many new BMWs with speed control. So in this particular model, you can move on to other things, increase the volume, and then rotate it again to rotate it. Yes, you can easily reject this call or accept it by voice message.

I just want to say that we have an initiative that customers can manage individually. These two types of signals that will probably turn off the screen now have different features in this car.

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