My Zong Apk Best App

My Zong Apk Best App

Everything you need, just one click!

My digital companion for charging rust, group activities, usage details, MBB account management, games, discounts and more. Just log in to my Rust app and discover the best features!

Detailed account:

My current balance and usage: Get the correct account balance or payment details and call usage for calls, data and SMS
Second: Accounts: Easily connect to five zones to manage my zoning account at the same time.
Refer to the third free resource: Get a description of the remaining free resources with one click

Offers / Packages:

I Package Information: Get complete information about the latest offers / packages with frequently asked questions, terms and details.
Second: Purchase package: Purchase of any rust package including any mixed package, data offer, message, call package, etc.
Third Special: Interesting special packages are also available for the app

Special discounts and prizes:

I Golto: Get over 15,000 discounts on food, livelihood, food and more
Second: Login ads: Enjoy the free 4 GB offer for the first time in registration
Third Daily Reward: Earn up to 500 MB per day by playing simple fun games


I charge online: Charge your zoning number with your cash / credit card.
Second: Coupon card: Any type of coupon card is also billed through the program
Ann Ann: Get instant loans for PayPad Jang at any time

Online shop:

My 4G devices: With every purchase of the Xing 4G headset, you get a free 3/6 month dual app
Second: 4G MBB device: Special discount offer for buying 4G MBB device

Programs and entertainment:

I Infotaint Magazine: Access to the latest news, weather forecasts, health tips, Quran recitation, fashion, health and sports related news.
Second: Islamic portal: a unique platform for the time of the call to prayer, interpretation and translation of the Qur’an, the hadith of the Prophet and other cases.
Third apps: Install our favorite apps to watch our movies, listen to music, watch cricket, play games, and more.


My Profile Settings: Select your favorite avatar and edit your profile name.
Second: Manage MBB tools: Easily manage MBB devices with ringtones! All you have to do is register your child number to access your services
Third program language: Available in English, Urdu and Chinese

Customer attention:

Q. Ques and how-to videos: How to respond to Q-wide gadgets and how to watch videos.
Second: Live Chat: Use our live chat service to get support from your 24-hour customer service team.
Third Social Media: All social media accounts are synced with the app to check for the latest information.

Widgets and notifications:

My Widgets: A simple and interesting tool that is available in four different options for all Android users.
Second: Notifications: Activate usage notifications to receive notifications in a timely manner

Not logged in yet? Open Play Store, iOS Apple Store or Huawei App Gallery, search My Jung to install with one click. So, go ahead and feel free to decorate our self-service area!

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