Pocket Sense – Anti-Theft & don’t Touch Alarm

Pocket Sense – Anti-Theft & don’t Touch Alarm

A program to prevent thieves and new people from your phone.

Do not worry about cell phone packages or thieves while traveling or in other public places. Pocket Sense reduces your stress with our smart solutions. Install the Pocket Sense app and enable Pocket Sense mode.

This! Now, if a mobile phone thief takes your cell phone out of your pants pocket, you will be notified via an alarm. You can easily turn off the alarm clock by turning on the mobile phone or turning off the pocket sensor mode.

Do you charge cell phones at work or in your living room? Want to know who can access your cell phone? Activate the charge sensor mode in the application. If someone disconnects from your mobile phone, you will be notified with an alarm.

The feeling is strong – it warns you if someone picks up your pocket.
Charging Sense – Notifies you if someone cuts off your cell phone.
og Feeling on the move – If someone comes to your cell phone from where you left off, they can alert you.
You can set a few seconds before the alarm goes off immediately.
Adjust the sensitivity of the sensor

Note: The Pocket Sense frame will not work well on phones with flip cover.

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