Touch Lock Screen – Easy & strong photo password

Touch Lock Screen – Easy & strong photo password

This is a new b-pattern for making the phone unattractive by touching a specific part of the image.

Display an interesting photo on my mobile phone screen and use it as a quick and easy way to unlock it by special locations in the photo !!
The touch lock screen can only set a “touch password” with two specific positions such as eyes, nose, mouth, face or hands.

protection provides a wide range of protection because both the “Image” and “Touch Position” groups are touch passwords on the lock screen.

As soon as others go to the cell phone screen, a “warning” message appears so that no one else can open it.

fill my mobile phone with confidential financial information and personal information.



High Cells became my mobile phone password !!!
K I use photos of K-pop stars and use their phones on my phone
Photos of my friends that I took myself, best photos of life, travel photos, family photos, and some great photos that I can also download from the internet can also be used as strong passwords.

Photo I can use my baby photo as a photo album and lock screen on my mom’s mobile first screen.
I want to use each available image, this original image is 6 touch screen



This is only done if I can select any of my photos in the photo. The lock screen is compatible with any version of the mobile phone
Surprisingly, John, this simple and powerful new security technology is compatible with older and older cell phones as long as they feel the touch of the screen.

▶ As I can set “Touch Password” directly in my favorite photo, using my mobile phone becomes much easier without the cosmetic effect.

Once I set the image password, I have no problem setting different passwords on my phone. This is because the lock screen touch position itself acts as a strong password.
It is the “touch screen lock screen” which is the first patented technology to be introduced using graphic authentication.



Undoubtedly security is strong.

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