Month: April 2021

Samsung Mobile Galaxy A02s Review

Samsung doesn’t take any captives when it comes to its budget and entry-level smartphone segment, you’ll see the Samsung Galaxy A02s a direct successor to the A01 from last year and yet it’s taking it very high Yes, without any footprints. Here are the censored Izzi people and welcome to the channel, so yes we

Galaxy S21 Ultra Official Introduction Film Samsung In 2021

Galaxy S21 Ultra Official Introduction Film Samsung In 2021 Bold new camera design, the fastest chip ever in a Galaxy, and an intelligent battery; To end your day; Precision camera elements and state-of-the-art technology are revolutionizing the way video The revolution starts with 8K. Beyond Cinema 8K. The highest video resolution possible on a smartphone.

Oppo Mobile X 2021 Model

Oppo Mobile x 2021 model At first glance it looks like another normal phone but once you move around in the fingerprint area, the screen gets bigger! Just like the movie, the phone slowly moves from a 6.7-inch size to a 7.4- inch tablet-like size and then goes down! Isn’t that interesting? And the software

Today We Are Talking About Chinese Super Kings

Today we are talking about Chinese Super Kings Hello, let’s talk today about the Chinese Super Kings who are very busy. We will only see the top positions of Chinese Super Kings teams in 2021. The Chinese Super Kings have bought a couple of pairs at a higher price. These are Krishnappa Gautam and Moin

The second wave of corona virus in India

The second wave of corona virus in India Hello friends! India is now officially going through the second wave of corona virus. I have heard! Not much has been said about the virus yet, but it is back. Should we expect another country to be deported?   Or, most importantly, does the dam work? Does

7 Star Empire Hitel In Brunei

7 star Empire Hotel in Brunei Hey guys! It was an exciting day in Brunei and now I’m out of the Empire Hotel. This hotel has 6 stars – sometimes 7 stars, depending on who you ask. However, we want to find it and see why it has so many stars. We just walked to

Learn The Story Of Taj Mahal

Learn the story of Taj Mahal in this post. The Taj Mahal is the story of an amazing monument that has touched the hearts of India and millions of listeners since its inauguration. Learn The Story Of Taj Mahal This is the love story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, two people of history who

We Know More About Those Covid 19 VARIANTS 2021

The case was registered on January 26, 2012. If we usually have new cases of COVID-19 virus or disease, you can find it in the playlist in detail. A few weeks ago we told you about the double strain of the rapidly spreading COVID-19 virus. We Know More About Those Covid 19 VARIANTS 2021 Well,