7 Star Empire Hitel In Brunei

7 star Empire Hotel in


Hey guys! It was an exciting day in Brunei and now I’m out of the Empire Hotel. This hotel has 6 stars – sometimes 7 stars, depending on who you ask. However, we want to find it and see why it has so many stars.

We just walked to the door and there’s a big lantern in the hall that you really grabbed. And I’ve heard it’s worth 1 million, so I think it’s at least one star and we’re just in the lobby. When you cross this line, you see the water and the beach directly in front of you, and offer access to this vast area.

I am proud of the name of this room because I now see six floors. They are all marble, and I have heard that they are painted with real gold. What is a firefighter’s theory? Great. You can see everything …

He does all the work for me. You can see all the destinations here. Yes, there are many. Looks like we’re signing MC Asher. Three escalators to go to Foucault.

They have their own cinema and empire theater. The restaurant … it’s all buildings and there’s a golf and country club. The golf course here is of international standard. It was designed by a legendary golfer, for those who know golf, and it’s not me, Jack Nichols.

Can’t argue with Oscar winner Jack Nicholson, which is a little more than that on my personal console. But golf courses in Asia Pacific have been named the best course in Asia Pacific by Asia Golfer Monthly Magazine, so if you like golf, this is the best golf course.

And what I find really interesting is, of course, did you know that they have all kinds of rooms and suites, and the largest suite here is the size of a football field. It has its own pool and looks like real gold stains on the carpet. The two most famous guests in this case are Pamela Anderson and Bill Clinton.

No … not together. I see a beach! I also saw a beautiful pond. One of my thoughts is that it looks like a pool behind a hotel forever. Since then, it seems to have completely merged into the South China Sea. A beautiful little place on the beach, right? Oh! She is so beautiful. All I want to know is how many beaches there are. When I was walking, I didn’t know it would be so open in my back.

It’s just … it’s beautiful. And there are so many shades that you don’t get too hot, you know? So far we have reached the point of interest. I also. It is far from the grenade zone. Only this part of the rock spreads in the water. It’s really peaceful and there’s nobody here.

Is it comfortable for us to ride in a golf cart while walking? Oh! Just for the wind. let’s do it. it is hot! It would be nice if I could spend some time walking around this Empire Hotel. I can see why there are 800 employees here and it took 6 years to build. This place is too big. But it was really good. I hope you enjoy your visit too. What do you think of this 6 star hotel?

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