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Bring pictures to your smartphone like a DSLR camera

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After focusing, you can easily create a bright DSLR style background image for the focus area. The different effects of the filter also give you a more natural and realistic picture.



By choosing a bright area, you can get a more natural and professional look.
Select only the areas you want, while the focus area automatically determines the focus area for everything with complex shapes.


With this automatic feature, you can work faster on smartphones with smaller screens.

The focal background blur also gives the image a true look between the edge of the background and the focus area.



With our real filter effects, you will enjoy much photo editing and photo editing and easily share to SNS.


1. Choose the smart focus area
You only need to draw focus area and some lines in the background, then focus effect automatically recognizes the focus area.

You can also decorate the area with traditional finger paint.


2. Crystal background effect
You can create a very real crystal effect by using different operating modes such as DSLR camera.
There is also a motion blur effect to emphasize that some objects are moving.


3. Filter effect
Offer Focus delivers the first impression of professional effects such as cross-treatment without artificial vision.

You can also highlight the space in the background with a vase effect.


4. The easy part
You can share it easily and directly via email and SNS.



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