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We use different social apps that provide you to chat with different people all around the world. You interact with different people all of them have a different language, and you don’t know all the languages, then chat translator has removed your tension, this will translate it into your language.



This allows you to chat with different people in a different language, and type the message in your language, this will also provide you the voice changer you can speak in your language and this will automatically transfer to the other language, just tap on transcribe option and start speaking. It supports many languages like Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Bengali, Chines, Hindi, Urdu, English, French, Greek, Korean, Panjabi, German, Latin, Nepali, Pashto, Sindhi, Balochi, etc. This made the business meetings easy, if you are attending the meetings online then record the meetings and then translate them into your language.


This will also translate the text images, sometime you see different posters and you don’t understand them this will helps you to read them in your language. Also, if you see different social media posts and you don’t understand the language then this will helps you to read them in your language. To deals with anyone’s communication skills will matter, if you have good communication skill then it will be easy to deal with anyone.

Features of the application:

You can translate the text displayed on the mobile screen into your language.

This will also detect and translate the text of images and posters.

By using this application you will receive every text with translation.

Automatically detect the language.

Type message in your language this will change in your friend’s language.

Translate the comments you see on different social posts, news, etc.

Support different languages all around the world.

You will be able to keep a deep meaningful conversation.

Saves your time no need to open the app and then translate this will automatically detect.

Uses of chat translator:

  • Allowing you to chat with people in different languages.
  • It is used to translate text messages, you do not need to type the messages in another language, type the messages in your language this will convert them into your friend’s language.
  • Use to translate text, and speeches into another language.
  • It uses to read the text images and text posters.

Internal benefits of chat translator:

  • There are benefits but some internal benefits are given below:
  • Real-time live chat translation with your agents without any effort.
  • Reduce employment frustration.
  • Faster service delivery.
  • Productivity Boost.
  • Improved internal comms.
  • This will be a cost-saving.
  • Real-time live chat translations drive profits.
  • Demands additional resources.
  • Key translation statics to consider in your customer service strategy.

How does it work:

  • Install the “Chat translator” from the Google play store.
  • Open the app.
  • After opening the app, you will see the page which required permissions, click on the turn on the button to give the permissions.
  • After turning on the permissions accessibility, you will see the home page and select the language type.
  • There are some ads placed by the developer so no need to worry about it.
  • Set up the application and enjoy the multiple features of the application.


  • This Application was offered by YDZ labs and released in Aug9,2019. This will need some permissions to get access in android. Some permissions are given below:
  • Need storage permissions to read the content of your SD card.
  • Needs Advertising ID permissions.
  • Wants full network access.
  • Prevents your phone from sleeping.
  • Draw over other apps
  • play install Referrer API.

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