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Ehsas Program Register 14000

During the covid-19 in lockdown, people will not have jobs no sources of income, poverty spread everywhere. In this situation, Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the Ahsas program by giving 14000 to the poor to fulfill their essential needs. Protecting the nation from poverty and for social safety started the Ahsas program in March 2019.

Deleted Contact Apk For Android

Get your deleted links back from your internal phone database and retrieve them. How do you do that? Deleted a link with e-error? Don’t be silly Receive the application “Recover Deleted Evidence” and quickly return with your dismissal. Return to their original phone book. Application Note: 1. Contact by coincidence – The deleted response statement

Recover Deleted Photo & Video Recovery Apk Download

Recover deleted photos in 2 minutes. Ultimate Deleted Photos and Videos Recovery Tool! With over 50 million downloads, Dumpster has been recycled for Android, using # 1 to recover deleted photos. This is a quick and effective way to delete files and recover recently deleted videos from the device or SD card. Creating photos and

Calls Blacklist Call Blocker Apk Download

Call blocker with blacklist, SMS blocker, whitelist and schedule. The “blacklist of the year” is both a call blocker and an SMS blocker. It can easily block calls and messages from unwanted, private (hidden, unknown) or unknown numbers. Spam Prevention: If you’ve been harassed by annoying phone calls or messages: texting, spam and robot rings,

Call Recorder Auto Call Record Apk Download

Best automatic incoming and outgoing call recording app for Android devices Call Recorder Auto Call Record 2021 is the best phone call recording app. Record all incoming and outgoing calls high A list of the recorded standard calls will be shown on the main screen of the auto call recorder app and will be sorted

Iphon 13 Smart Phone

iPhone is the smartphone designed by the ios operating system and lnc by apple which is an American multinational company and the largest information technology company, which is available at higher prices, the main difference between the android and ios operating systems is their prices, androids are available in cheaper price. The fifteen generations of

Super VPN Download Apk

VPN stands for virtual private network, VPN is a private network than the other public networks, VPN is used to unlock the banned websites, many social apps and websites are banned, VPN provides you the private network, and helps you unlock the website. VPN is establishing point-to-point network topology use circuits over the existing network,

Virus Cleaner For Android Apk Download

virus cleaner & phone cleaner is the android application, which protects your phone from the virus. The latest version of the android phone has already the feature of virus cleaner, also cache cleaner, storage cleaner, optimize the phone battery, speed up your mobile, junk cleaner, cool down mobile, and protect your device from viruses. This

Bitcoin Digital Currency

Bitcoin is a digital currency, which works free of any central control of Government banks. Bitcoin is created in January 2009. It offers a low transection fee than the other online payment methods. Bitcoin is the type of cryptocurrency. There has no physical appearance, its transactions possible via a computing system through the process of