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We avoid taking pictures where the background is not good, instead, the picture quality is good but we avoid it due to the background. Professionals use different apps and different methods of editing pictures and videos.

They use different tools for editing. If you are not a professional editor, you do not need to worry about changing or removing the background, this application will offer you background editing tools with a very simple and easy method. You can remove the background and also apply different pictures as a background, and apply different creative and beautiful wallpapers as background. You can select and erase the background. This will erase the similar pixels automatically.

This application is for free, enjoy the multiple features of this application, go to premium if you want to unlock the more advanced features of the background eraser application. This application is completely safe do not save your pictures on the server, edited pictures will be shown at the internal storage. The developer adds some ads to it.

Use of background eraser:

For the graphic user interface on the screen of the computer.

You can create a transparent background and change the image a beautiful art.

Add text and effects in the background.

You can edit the foreground manually by using the background eraser tool.

This will be preset to fit in different markets places.

By using the background remover you can create a more effective look for the picture.

You can remove the unwanted things by using a background removal application.

Reasons to remove the background:

You can get rid of unnecessary objects from images.

Adds special edit before the prerequisite like shadows, reflection, and imperfections on the background is automatically erased.

Optimize photos for other use.

You can make the background transparent or change it to any suitable color, this will allow the modification in no time.

Enhance the visual impact of photos, whether in print or digital form and target the focus towards the focal point.

You can add more items to the photo, add special edits on photos, add any object, remove the background, and add a natural effect.

Swap background for betters visual, remove the original background with the transparent background.

Industries that need background remover:

For photographers:

Before the shooting photographers first select the background, it is understandable that photos do not come out perfectly, background remover acts as a lifesaver for the photographer

For media:

Mostly in shooting time the distracting elements, then the background remover allows you the proper editing of a photo it looks authentic and reliable.

For marketing:

A background remover allows editing of the photos in a way that viewers get the visual impact on it, pleasing the visual ads to attract the people.

For Individuals:

Most people have professional-grade cameras, with the background remover now you have the studio-quality picture from the smartphone.

For E-commerce:

Improve the quality of their photos and make them suitable for any online shopping platform. A background remover make makes it convenient for e-commerce.

Features of the application:

Auto mode, which can erase similar pixels automatically.

Extract mode: By using the Extract mode you can select and remove or erase accurately by using the blue&red markers. It is very important to make the background of the picture accurately.


This application is released on Mar29, 2014, and offered by handy closet lnc. This application needs the following permissions to access the android.

Want access to storage to read and modify the deleted content of your SD card.

Reads the content of Your SD card.

Wants full network access.

View the network connection.

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