Background Video Recorder Apk For Andriod

Easily record videos while the app is in the background and record continuously.

It is a camera app that helps you record videos easily with one touch with option to turn on/off camera shutter sounds. Useful features include continuous recording while the app is in the background, scheduled recording, and multi-language support.

[Main Features]
+ Volume buttons can be used to start or stop recording. (Press the Volume Up button three times within two seconds to start. Press the Volume Down button three times within two seconds to stop)
+ Power button can be used to start or stop recording. (Press the power button three times within two seconds to start or stop recording)
+ Shake the phone to start or stop video recording.
+ [Auto learning] When the device camera detects a human face, it will automatically start recording video.
+ Voice command in app to start video recording.
+ Support Google Assistant to start video recording (eg “Start video recording using background video recorder app”).
+ Gesture support on the preview screen (pinch, tab, horizontal scroll, and vertical scroll) for quick settings (camera zoom, camera autofocus, and camera exposure correction).
+ Save recorded video files directly to Google Drive and Dropbox.
+ Trim videos after recording.
+ Enable/disable preview.
+ Enable/disable shutter sounds.
+ Supports Auto White Balance with several advanced options.
+ Schedule your camera to record video at specific times.
+ Support rear and front cameras.
+ Unlimited video length. Simply set the time you want to record.
+ Support “auto stop recording” when device storage is low.
+ Multiple video resolutions (HD-720p, Full HD-1080p, 480p, etc.)
+ Well coded secure app
+ Beautiful Material Design GUI
+ Support multiple languages.
+ You can compress video recording files with password.
+ Share recording files.
+ Delete recording files.
+ Password protected.




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