Calendar Lock photo Vault Apk For Android

Lock your personal gallery files (photos and videos)

Calendar Lock is used to hide photos and videos.

This app is Gallery vault app and you can hide or lock your personal photo and video files from gallery, only you can access your hidden photos and videos by secret passcode.

-Basic Features-

– Lock/hide photos and videos.
– Lock/hide acoustics.
– Create secret notes
– Protected with a secret passcode
– Fingerprint lock
– Restore the passcode by answering the question.
– Fake empty wallet passcode
– Slideshow of hidden pictures
– Share locked files directly from Vault.
– Delete locked files directly from the Vault.

How do you use this app?

1. How to open the original wallet?
Answer: When you open this app you will see a calendar, now you can access the vault by tap and hold on the calendar title.

2. Set a secret passcode.
Answer: Now the app will ask you to set a new secret passcode to access the wallet in the future, you can set a passcode of your choice.

3. Set the question/answer.
Answer: (Optional) After setting the secret password, the passcode recovery app will ask you to select a question and answer that question.

. Access to the original safe.
Answer: After setting the passcode, you can now access the physical store by tapping and holding on the calendar address and entering the passcode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will locked or hidden files be deleted after uninstalling this app?

Answer: No, the locked/hidden files will not be deleted after uninstalling the app because this app will save all your locked/hidden files in your phone storage.




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