Call Global application Apk for Download

You must have many friends from different countries, and you use different social apps, like IMO, FaceBook, and many other apps, and use different data packages. Now you do not need to worry about it and subscribe to different call packages, Install the Global call application. This application provides you the free calls all over the world for free. This application has a clean and very easy format, this will need wifi or a data connection to run.


The global call is a free calling system that consists of cellular data and wifi. This will help you contact friends, relatives, and family members for free through a landline or mobile phone. By installing this application you get the reward of 2000 credits, invite more friends and get 5000 credits. This application is one of the cheap international calling applications.


This application provides you the multiple features, unlimited calls, clear and stable credits, and no phone bills. You do not need to worry about whether is this application safe or not, it is completely safe and free, does not harm your device, and does not collect your personal information.

Comforts of Call Global application:

  • There are many benefits of using this application, a few of them are given below,
  • The main benefit is this, it reduces the credit bills, and gets rid of different packages.
  • Don’t worry about costs.
  • International phone calls can be helpful for you, in the planning of the business.
  • Reaching the client of other companies from different countries is easy, instead of thinking about the call billing. This will provides you the free calls.
  • Dealing with clients in global marketing.
  • This is the biggest technological revolution.
  • Get the domestic phone numbers of every country.
  • It can be the conventional IP phones or mobile phones.
  • All the calls are forwarded to your local phone numbers.
  • International phone numbers are easily available.
  • The cost of a landline is less than the virtual phone number cost.
  • No charges for any international calls.
  • It helps to create a smaller business or a presence of a worldwide business.
  • You can pick any number as you want, but it has a limit that usually how many numbers you want select.
  • The virtual call system offers you multiple features of call Global.
  • Simple and inexpensive, and has a great deal of flexibility.

Features of Call Global:


  • This application has the multiple features, which are listed below:
  • No phone bills: This will allow you the free call all over the world for free, even if the receiver has no internet connection. Enjoy the free calling and fun with friends, family, and relatives.
  • Clear and s table calling: You can enjoy high-quality phone calls without any network issues, having crystal clear quality.
  • Unlimited calls credits: This will provide you the different credits by completing some tasks, also provides you the credit reward installation invite more people and earn more from this application. This credit will be transferred to your bank account or mobile account. Install the Call Global application and get benefits from this.
  • The developer adds some ads to it.

How does it work?

  • Install the Call Global application from the google play store
  • Open the application and you will see the front page.
  • At the right corner click on the menu, sign up, and click on the set my phone.
  • At the bottom of the page click on the call option, and dial the code of the country, city code, and phone number.
  • Get rewards, watch ads and get more awards.


  • This application is released on Oct 13, 2018, and offered by free call. This application wants the following permissions to get access to the android.
  • Want access to a microphone to record the audio.
  • Access to phone for reading the status of the calls.
  • Access to mobile storage to read and modify the content of SD cards.
  • Control vibration.
  • Receive data from the internet.
  • Prevents your phone from sleeping.

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