Call Recorder Apk for Android

Call recording is the process in which you need to capture the audio that is associated with phone calls. Software is designed for call recording, which records the conversation over PSTN or Vlop in a digital audio file format. This software includes both logging and recording functionality.

You record the business calls meetings and other important call. Now the latest mobiles have the feature of call recording, if your mobile does have not any call recorder features then install the call recorder application. This application is very useful for you, having a simple and easy format, you can set it up in just a few steps.

This application is very beneficial for you if you receive any threat calls you can record these calls very easily, just enable it once this will record your all calls automatically and save them in an audio format file in the device storage. This will record calls from all the applications, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, IMO, and many other social apps This will save your files according to date and time you can find the recording easily from the recording list. This application is completely safe and does not steal your information, this application is for free.

What are the benefits of recordings:

  • This will identify the problem area.
  • This will keep your recording details.
  • Also, recover the missed details.
  • Having a good quality of assurance.
  • Add continuous improvement.
  • This will provides you the valuable feedback.
  • Improve market Campaigns.
  • Company with legal standards.
  • Records your all-important calls.
  • Saves the threat calls, and protects you from a criminal as an avoidance.
  • This will record your calls from different social apps.

Features of Call Recorder – Cube ACR:

This application provides you with a backup, you can save your recordings on Google drive.

Provides you the pin lock, protects your recordings from others and gives you security.

Gives you more audio format, record calls in MP4 format, and change their quality.

Shake your device to stop or pause the recording.

This will automatically delete the old calls and missed or archived calls.

You can immediately share call recordings when you stop or finish recordings.

Easy to use:

You can automatically record all the calls, records all the conversations.

You can only select the contacts with which you want to record the calls.

Filter the list of contacts that you don’t want to record.

Provides you the manual recordings, you can record the only selected part of the conversation by just clicking on the start button.

Manage your recordings, play edit, flag and delete them.

Provides you the loudspeaker and ear speaker to privately listen to your recordings.

How does it work:

There are the following steps for setting up the app on your android,

Install the “Call recorder-cube ACR” application from the Google play store.

Open the app.

At the top right corner, tap on the more option and go to the settings.

Select numbers under the option of “always record”.

Turn on the option always record.

At the top go to the right corner and tap on add.

Choose the contact and tap on always record.

Filter those contacts which you don’t want to record.

Set up the application and enjoy the multiple features of this application.


This application is offered by cube Apps Ltd and released on Dec 13, 2016. This application wants some permission to access your mobile phone. Some permissions are given below,

This may request access to your contact, to read your contacts.

Wants access to get your precise location.

Access to your microphone to record the audio.

It read phone status and identity.

Want access to your storage to modify and read the deleted content of the Sd card.

Control vibration

Want full network access.

Connect with Bluetooth devices.

Receive data from the internet.

Prevents your phone from sleeping.

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