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Call Recorder Cube ACR

Best App

Most technically the record of the year. Record calls and VoIP. Supports call recording for most versions of Android devices. If you have already tried to record calls using another year’s recording program and found no satisfactory results, try Recorder Cube ACR, it works best.
Phone Recorder – Cube ACR lets you easily record your incoming and outgoing calls and VoIP calls.

The best part? it’s free!
Cube Year Recorder supports:
The phone rings
– سین
Skype 7, Skype Lite
– Viber
– WhatsApp
– Social networking site Facebook
– WeChat
– Cocoa
– Lane
– Fighting
Telegram 6, Plus Messenger 6
– Coming soon!
This app uses access services.
Clear sound quality!
Record your contacts and conversations to the best of your ability.

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Easy to use!
– Record each call automatically. Follow every word at the beginning
– Record selected contacts automatically. Make a list of people you’ve always wanted to join.
Exclusion List Create a contact list

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that cannot be registered automatically.
Manual recording. Click the Record button in the middle of the application to record only selected conversations or parts of them.
– Start within the application. Cube ACR is another interface file filer that manages, plays, accelerates or exports your recordings to other services or devices.
– Smart speaker switch. Keep the phone with you during the game to call from speaker to speaker so that you can listen to your record in private.
– Shooting with stars. Identify and filter important contacts for quick access
– Call back and open contacts directly from the application.
Benefits of Premium Membership:
Cloud backup. Save your call record in Google Drive and then repair it if something goes wrong.
Out slot. Protect your record from eyes and ears.
Other Other audio formats. Record calls in MP4 format and change their quality.
Save to SD card. Upload your records to SD card and use it as storage space.
Sign. Turn on your phone while recording to highlight important parts of the conversation.
Smart storage management. Extra time alarms automatically delete old unimportant (not starred) and ignore short call recording.
Call actions later in the year. Pause, share, or delete a recorder as soon as the conversation is paused.
Tablets work on board
Even if your device doesn’t support mobile phones, you can use Cube Call Recorder to record Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and other VoIP calls.
If it doesn’t work on your device or if you only hear your voice during play, try recording in settings or use automatic speaker mode.
※ Legal notice
The law on phone registration varies from country to country. Please make sure you are not violating the laws of your country or the country of the caller / offender. Always notify the caller / caller that your call will be recorded and ask their permission.



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