Cameraless Camera Blocker Apk Download Free

Cameraless app is a camera blocker used to
turn off all cameras on your mobile device and
provide complete protection against:


Cameraless Camera Blocker Apk Download Free

Spy, thief and various malware.
Take photos / videos in safe places.


Basic features.
Option to give permanent camera access to
specific authorized applications.
Daily camera block.
• Password protection
Multilingual support
Class special status for encrypted workplaces
with maximum security level.
Time Auto Camera Block (Pro) by Time /
One Click Camera to Block / Block Camera
Bag Tasker / Automatic integration (Pro)


Product Features
Using your camera remotely without your
knowledge is very easy to spy on, kill or harm
Cameraless anti-spy camera storage program.
There are two main tasks:
Manually enable / disable the camera.
2. Automatically enable / disable the camera
per day or place.


Cameras are also useful for people who work in
a safe environment. Only once – specify your
workspace and turn off your camera
automatically when you’re at work. You can
;also encrypt your settings with a password so
that the app always works and your device is
permanently protected while you work.
Additionally, you can use special alerts to verify
your device’s camera status.


Note: The security level is maximized if the
application is password protected.
With the Camera Blocker widget and a shortcut
to activate the camera, you should not miss
even when the PRO mission is closed.


Features list.
24/7 Anti-Spy Security
3 modes (manual, turn off the camera on time,
turn off on the spot)
• Whitelist – Permanent camera access option
for specific authorized applications.
• Password protection
Multilingual support
Tasker / Lama / Automatic Plugin.
Battery saves a lot of battery
Fast fast non-installation function.
Location status capabilities: auto positioning,
dynamic notifications, auto-sleep when the
screen is off, and then auto-start.
Camera Camera Widget Control.
Quick Shortcut Activation Shortcut.


How to use it
Enable / disable the camera from the main
screen daily or by location.
This whitelist:
Select ‘Whitelist’ from the menu.
A list appears with all the programs you have
installed. Choose an application that allows you
to use the camera even when it is locked.
Go back to the home screen, and you’ll see that
for every application you’ve set up, a special
launcher icon has been added that gives the
camera access to the app, even off.


After the application closes, the camera shuts
off automatically or according to the “delay
time” settings you specify in the settings
Disable by location:
Enter the location of the target center (Lat,
Lyon) where your phone should be inactive.
If you are in the middle of the target area, you
can click the “Set Current Location” button and
the location of the center will be updated


Place the bar (meter) where your camera is idle
(around the center position).
That’s all: when you’re in the target area and
vice versa, your phone will lower the camera.




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