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Secure Chat is a group and private chat locker app.

You can greatly strengthen your WhatsApp security in the Locker WhatsApp app. This app will strengthen your WhatsApp.

Are you looking for an app that uses less battery and helps secure group and one-to-one WhatsApp chats? If your answer is yes then you are at the right place. Download Chat Locker for WhatsApp – Secure Chat Now!

Chat Locker for WhatsApp – Secure Chat is a group and private chat locker app. It adds a password to your WhatsApp messages. Just enter your 4-digit PIN to enter any of your WhatsApp chats. Without a PIN, no one can see your private messages.

After installing Chat Locker for WhatsApp – Secure Chat will ask you for the original 4 digit PIN, then you can select the chat you want to hide and your chats with this Chat Vault. When you open this locked chat it will ask you for the security PIN and after giving you the correct code it will open the chat.

Chat Locker for WhatsApp – Secure Chat Features:
Free to use.
Use is free and there is no limit.
What is best to lock private and group WhatsApp chats.
WhatsApp protects chats from unauthorized access.
Secure group group or individual chats.
l One password to lock the app and lock the chat.
✓ Chat Locker does not drain your phone battery.
✓ Minimum permission required.
Finger supports fingerprint sensor for easy unlocking.
One password for chat and app so you don’t have to remember more than one password.

Chat Locker for WhatsApp is one of the best locker apps to lock WhatsApp chats and apps. Stop worrying about your personal information being exposed.
Features of Chat Locker for WhatsApp.

how to use:
1 – After installation, WhatsApp Chat Locker will ask you to set and confirm a 4-digit PIN.
2 – The application will display the configuration option to enable and grant the required permissions.
3 – Now, tap on the “+” icon to add the chat you want.

The following permissions are required for this app:
1) This app uses accessable service permissions. We need this permission to protect private conversations on messaging apps. By allowing this, you allow us to chat on your device while you interact with other applications and inspect the contents of your window.
We do not use the above permissions for any other purpose. We do not collect or transfer your personal and device data over the Internet or to any third party.

to leave of:
1. WhatsApp Messenger is copyright of WhatsApp, Inc.


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