Clock Live Wallpaper Analog Digital Clock 2021 App

Turn your phone into a watch download and a digital watch with your photo on it

Clock Live Wallpaper
Decorate your phone with a beautiful online clock with your photos and an interesting digital display.
Add your favorite photos during the analog clock.
The night digital alarm clock is very easy to use.

This amazing app has 4 amazing features:

1. Analog Clock Live Wallpaper for Pictures:
This analog watch has amazing features like:
1. Choose your own photos as wallpaper for the watch
2. Choose a background HD of nature or flowers
3. The size of the watch varies from small, medium or large
4. Change the horizontal and vertical position of the clock on the screen
5. Change the clock color, clock text and background clock inner text color
6. Show or hide the date, day, month and digital clock.
7. The digital clock has 12-hour or 24-hour format
8. Choose the number of votes for Christmas, New Year, or a personal count
9. You can choose the analog or digital clock.

2. Digital Photo Clock Live Wallpaper:
The digital clock looks beautiful with HD wallpapers and gifs of birds, bubbles and butterflies.

1. Set your photos as clock wallpaper.
Or choose from ten high quality wallpapers
3. Make the watch size small, medium and large
4. Select the vertical position clockwise on the screen
5. Choose the type of movement like bubbles, birds and butterflies
6. Mark the color of the clock, the brightness of the clock and the text.
7. Change the date display b
8. Disable seconds, date, day and month.

a. Picture inside the analog clock:
Put your phone into a beautiful analog clock with traditional pictures within an hour
Mobile phone Choose your favorite analog clock with wallpaper or background in your gallery.
Add a photo to the watch display and adjust the photo with your fingers
Arrange it as live wallpaper and apply real animation

4. Digital Clock:
Night Digital Clock with Alarm is an amazing app that is very useful in daily life or night life!
This app displays the digital clock on the mobile screen until you close the app
Just tap on the home screen to show the settings

Use or take advantage of digital alarm clocks with alarm
Check the time while you sleep in the middle of the night
Use the flash on the flash screen
Use simple and advanced alarm settings
digital vision design last night
★ Easy and smart alarm

Download “Clock Live Wallpaper 2021” now!




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