Computer Launcher App

Reset your mobile home screen using the computer player

Computer Launcher App

Are you looking for a computer launcher for your Android device? Check out this computer style

launcher available for Android (TM) smartphones. Surprise your friends with the latest Android model.


Computer Launcher Design:
Computer Launcher Here’s for You (Inspired by Computer One10 OS) Personalize your phone with

the Fast Launcher feature and feel. Surprise your loved one with your Android Leo computer and share it with your loved ones too.


Start the menu
– The best app available with one click. Create shortcuts to your most used desktop applications with the dip-and-hold feature.
– Easy to navigate through apps
Built-in support for File Explorer in Computer Launcher
– Create folders, cut, copy, copy, paste, move, share, and more.
– List of all drives, SD cards, storage, audio, video and photo files in computer style.
– Taskbar
Put the files in the trash and then delete them
– By creating zip support, you can delete or extract zip / race files
– Control Center. Warning Center: Like a computer, the Action Center has a bar. You can see the application or system through the notification center.

Multi-page home screen
– Desktop widgets
Better drag and drop
– Weekly
– Weather widget
– RAM information items
– Change the desktop directory
– Live Wallpaper
– Change images of tiles
– Remove the taskbar icon
– Desktop application mappers
– Includes weather, calendar and photo tiles
– Added taskbar transparency option
– Subject compatibility
– Multi-tasking created (enabled or disabled by organizations)
– Lock screen
– Multicolor taskbar and menu support
– Themes and icon packs. Android TV / Tablet Support
Hide requests
Gallery creation has become a b-function
– Change images of tiles
– Widgets in desktop form
– Built-in applications (image viewers)


Computer Launcher App



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