Cricket League Best App Download Free

1v1 fast cricket game with 2 bowling, batting and many strategies

Cricket League Best App Download Free

Play 2 instant games against your friends or players from around the world in just a few minutes! Get ready to start your cricket story!

Cricket Online Free!

🏏 3D sports cricket multiplayer game
* Learning to bat and bowl is easy.
Win matches to win coins and build your dream team!
Play with your friends and family!
* Build your team and stay at the top of the leagues

Travel around the world to play against some of the best cricketers in the world where the best ODI and T20 matches have been played:

Mumbai | Karachi | Adelaide | Dubai | Johannesburg | Dhaka | Melbourne | London

Get an exciting experience of mobile cricket!

فوري Play instant 2 games in 3-5 minutes!
Control Learn to control cricket in a minute!
Kahil Play with your friends from all over the world
Open up the sleep team and compete at a higher level.
Collect more than 25 characters!
Level up your players to open up new ways to play.
Buy new types of balls to increase your chances of winning!
Play with large bars such as second, sling, in / out swing
Compete in the leagues and master this amazing game!
Play in different parts of the world like India, Bangladesh, England, Australia and South Africa!
Unlock new places to earn more money!
Stand up to the best strategies and play with the best players  Very easy even on 2G / 3G networks!




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