CrookCatcher Anti Theft Best App Download

What if your phone is stolen?
Disaster Scene #1: What if your phone is stolen?

CrookCatcher Anti Theft Best App Download

With Crook Catcher installed on your phone or tablet, you may have a chance to get it back!
Crock Catcher hides behind the lock screen and takes a picture of someone trying to unlock your device with the wrong PIN, password or pattern.
Crook Catcher will instantly email you a disturbing photo with your device’s current GPS location.
If your phone is stolen or your friend just hangs up, you’ll always know with Crook Catcher if you’re an outsider or not!
The secret is that if someone tries to unlock your phone with the wrong code, it takes a picture with a hidden camera.
The image sends an email with the image, GPS coordinates, accuracy, estimated street address, map and link to Google Device Manager, so you can track your device’s location 24/7.
Passwords work with codes, PINs, and pattern locks.
View the map and shared photos to search for photos in the application.
It is of course completely silent and confidential (disable notifications in settings).
Battery No battery empty – Crock Catcher only works if the wrong code is entered.
Limit the number of attempts to open the photo before taking it.
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Photo collection More photos
Take two photos with the front camera and two photos with the back camera.
Audio recording – audio capture.
By recording the sound, you can learn more about the environment and possibly recognize the sounds.
• Audio alarm.
Set custom alarm to full volume when wrong password is entered.
warning message
Displays a private message on the lock screen when you take a photo. You can ask the bully to return your phone, or a picture of him will appear to the police.
Looking for a break
Take a picture and email if the bully guessed the correct code after failing.
Email Retry email.
If you are disconnected from the Internet, put the emails on hold until you are online again.
Email Change the subject of the email.
Change the email text to prevent you from seeing notifications of harassment.
Set the pattern lock to access the crochet hook. Fingerprints can also be used.
en The hidden app.
Change the app icon and label so it looks like a file app so the intruder doesn’t know you’ve installed Crock Catcher.
Hide in notifications
Don’t tell the bully that you brought him on camera.
No ads.
Enjoy the ad-free application and support the development of Crook Catcher.




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