Deleted Contact Apk For Android

Get your deleted links back from your internal phone database and retrieve them.

How do you do that? Deleted a link with e-error? Don’t be silly Receive the application “Recover

Deleted Evidence” and quickly return with your dismissal. Return to their original phone book.

Application Note:

1. Contact by coincidence
– The deleted response statement was deleted by mistake.
– Select the link from the list.
– This feature calls you to store contacts in memory.

2. Bilateral relations
– List bilateral relations by name and number,
– Delete duplicate contacts in speed and speed.

3. Contact backup
– Backup to PDF, VCF and text file in touch.
– Share your backup file with Harvard Media Apps.

4. Restoring Relationships
– VCF files in the contacts on this phone

beautifully restore your contacts.
– Restore contacts from your backup files.

5. Contact list
– View a complete list of contacts in your phone book.
– Join BreakLink or alternative media apps in your or multiple contacts.

6. My files
– View all your backup files in PDF, VCF and text.

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