Dns Change Mobile Data & Wifi Ipv 4 & Ipv 6 Apk

Change the DNA of both mobile data networks and Wi-Fi networks. Now with the function of DNA speed test b

Dns Change Mobile Data & Wifi

Ipv 4 & Ipv 6 Apk

Android is the world’s first and most reliable DNS adapter for Android
The easiest way to change your DNS and check speed of DNS servers is by using DNS Switcher. It works without root and works with both Wi-Fi and mobile network connections.
DNS Switcher Your device’s DNS address does not affect connection speed in any way. So it is faster than a regular VPN. Install DNS exchanger for Android and try it yourself!

Why does DNA change?
Find your favorite sites and software for free
Search privately
View the libraries of each country
Stay safe on public WiFi
Access to overseas websites and programs
Enjoy the best search performance
The best online gaming experience
Ease of connection to the hose. No registration, login or password is required

How does it improve my internet connection?
If you have a high speed internet connection but you see that your web browsing speed is not as high as it used to be, your DNS problem might occur. By optimizing your device’s DNA records, you can find the fastest way to pack your data while traveling the Internet. This may not improve your download / upload speed, but in some cases it can significantly improve your web browsing.
Sometimes you may encounter slower devices when trying to access the internet from your device. Sometimes these issues can be attributed to your service provider’s DNA settings, because your ISP doesn’t always have the best DNS server speed.
Your default DNS server is affected directly insofar as you can relate to the site. Hence, choosing a fast server according to your location will help speed up your search.
With Net Optimizer, you can find and connect to a fast DNS server with just one touch!
Thus your search speed and player experience (ping and lag) can be improved. (But it should be noted that the DNA settings do not affect the internet download / upload speed, but also the response time)
Test results show a 132.1% improvement in Google’s use of the stock DNS servers, but in the real world it wouldn’t be that fast. With this sign, you can finally feel you have an internet connection!
DNA velocity test with function B:
Find and connect to fast DNS servers based on your location and network.
Increase internet surfing with faster response time.
g Reduce breaks and (fasting time) in online games to get a better gaming experience.
Optimize your network connection with DNS speed test. Find the fastest DNS server and connect it with one touch.
Key Features:
No root required
Android The world’s first DNS key for Android.
No system resources (no longer using RAM / CPU / battery).
► DNS Speed ​​Test: Find the fastest DNS server for your connections.
Support Wi-Fi / mobile data (2G / 3G / 4G / 5G)
ption Support IPv4 and IPv6 DNS Optional
Tablet and smartphone support
A quick search on the net
Improve your online gaming experience
Deceive to use pre-defined DNS lists or
Use any dedicated IPv4 or IPv6 DNS server you want
Simple design
Android is always updated to the latest Android version.

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