Edge Lighting Colors Round Colors Galaxy Apk

Light Color – Edge Live Wallpaper
Edge Lighting has a great user interface for use in any Android phone app and makes your mobile screen look absolutely gorgeous with a sleek and stylish look.
Edge Lighting Colors Round Colors Galaxy Apk
This app does not use much battery power and adds an easy and beautiful round light to your screen.
Lamp Lighting offers various settings that allow you to change the color, width and background of the lamp:
-> Most screen types can be changed: Screen Infinity U, Infinity V, Disk Symbol, Infinity A, …
-> Lighting color
-> Lighting of the lamp
-> Adjust the effect: heart, point, …
-> Live Wallpaper.

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-> Allows you to customize on all devices: Galaxy S10, Plus, Note 10, …
B lighting features B:
1. Adjust the edge of the multifreeze screen directly into the background.
. width width width height and width. ﺍ height height height. you like kingkingkingking ……………
3. Adjust the thickness of the edge light screen.
4. Adjust the wheel reduction according to your phone screen.
5. Select the icon layout according to your device icon.
6. There are many popular shapes and colors for frames and edges.
7. Arrange your photo like a wallpaper in the center of a light bulb screen.
8. Measure the amount of brightness according to the edge styles in the contrast options.
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