Galaxy S21 Ultra Official Introduction Film Samsung In 2021

Galaxy S21 Ultra Official

Introduction Film Samsung In


Bold new camera design, the fastest chip ever in a Galaxy, and an intelligent battery; To end your day;

Precision camera elements and state-of-the-art technology are revolutionizing the way video The revolution starts with 8K. Beyond Cinema 8K. The highest video resolution possible on a smartphone. And with 8K Video Snap, you can capture epic HD photos straight from the video. Laying the groundwork for the filmmaker’s point of view is rethinking filmmaking. In real time, you are the one who shoots.


Ultra Wide, Wide and when you want to get close, choose tele. Unmatched processor speed in all places blows every corner quickly. So, without interruption, it’s all in one seamless movie file that’s ready to share. It doesn’t stop at Ultra HD video.

The saga continues with a better 108MP sensor that captures rich colors for photorealistic images. You can sample the details in a pinch to find images within the image. Our dual dial system brings the world closer to you. With Zoom Lock, Space Zoom is now smoother, faster and faster than any zoom in the galaxy.


Night mode provides our biggest leap in low-light photography. Multi-frame blending and enhanced AI deep learning turn low-light into bright, bright images. When night audio is turned on for video, the adventure after dark due to the noise buildup is brighter than before.


And 60fps capture with 4 lenses in 4K resolution makes every movement look incredibly smooth. The S-Series’s first S-Pen makes fine adjustments at your fingertips. So now you can make adjustments on the go and share instantly on 5G. Our fastest screen is also the smartest in a smartphone. The 120Hz refresh rate improves your vision, while the Eye Comfort Shield intelligently adjusts blue light for you.

With the fastest chip in the galaxy, unmatched speed has the power of an epic camera experience. Complete with Samsung Knox Vault dedicated to a high level of device security. And the 5000 mAh smart battery will finish your day. Even the S21 Ultra’s popular 5G contour-cutting design revolutionizes smartphone cameras. Designed to be epic in every way. Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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