Good App For Keeping Mobile Safe

Empower and protect your cell phone so that it can take care of itself.

This is a great app for mobile save, it protects your mobile battery and also protects the mobile from theft.

Worry about the safety of your cell phone during sleep and travel, especially in busy markets or overcrowded areas. Do you want your phone to be powerful enough to take care of itself? Then download theft alarm: do not touch the My Phone app, and keep yourself free from the security issues of your phone.

Theft Alarm is a mobile security application. This ensures the safety of your mobile phone so that you protect yourself from all the dangers that come out of your hands. It is safe as long as you have your phone in your hand, but you can have your phone charged soon until it is outside the safe zone.

Anti Theft Alarm Screen Shoot

Anyone can use your phone while it is charging, especially if you know your password. Theft alarm uses a special do not touch my phone bag sensor (proximity sensor) to detect and notify when someone else has touched the owner’s cell phone. Do not touch my phone alarm. Your phone is especially safe from charging jets when you are in a crowded area.

Another major problem for cell phone users is the battery drains, which is usually caused by the overtime charging of the cell phone. To resolve this issue, the theft alarm contains a battery full alarm or a full battery alarm to remind you of your phone while charging, while giving you an indication that it’s time to turn on your phone to close!

Theft alarm: do not touch my phone app, it is a flawless security app for cell phones. It trains every cell phone to respond immediately with a motion sensor alarm when transmitted by someone else. So, if you go to work and do not allow anyone to take care of your accessories, do not worry, your cell phone will take better care of you and everything around you, because our The phone security program also has a special noise detection feature. Yes, with the Noise Detector feature you can catch any thief, just like a real thief catcher.

Our mobile app for theft alarm is basically a motion sensor app with a phone alarm. The key features of our ‘Don’t Touch My Phone App’ are:
Key features:
battery Full battery charges alarm on full charge of phone.
special Do not touch my mobile pocket sensor to protect your phone against calculators.
anti-theft motion sensor to protect your phone from unusual removal or suspicious activity.
Noise detector to protect you and your thief.
Theft lock to protect your various programs and private messages against your spouse.

If you see it alone, especially after 2020, do not touch the phone; it probably has a theft alarm: do not touch my phone program. Yes, it’s a message for anyone who likes to use other people’s cell phones in their absence. This is indeed a very serious call, and if you are a victim, whose cell phone is either made of steel, or used continuously without your permission, and you are looking for an effective app for theft or alarm against theft.

Then download the theft alarm: do not touch my phone app and do not worry about life inside and outside the house. Wait, do not forget to judge us and look at us. Thank you for leading a carefree life!




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