Image To PDF Converter Best App Download Free

Create PDFs with photos, photo-free, offline and with password protection.

Image To PDF Converter Best App Download Free

PDF Converter / JPG to PDF Converter over Image:
Application to convert photos to PDF. There are no watermarks. Create a PDF password protection.
Steps to use:
1. Select a photo / pictures with a + photo from the gallery. There is also a camera option to take new photos, select and convert to PDF.
2. Check unwanted photos with a long print.
3. Convert to PDF.
4. See a list of all created PDFs.
5. Open the PDF with each PDF viewer / editor.
6. Share, rename or delete PDFs in the list.
gal Create PDFs from gallery photos or take new photos directly from the camera and convert them to PDF.
Create a PDF password protection. Password protection PDF is very confidential and no one can open the file without knowing the password.
Root supports rotation and cropping images. Image view is available with one tap after the image is selected. All selected images can be viewed by hanging from left to right. Rotate and crop each individual photo if necessary.
Images support photo editing. If more than one image is selected, a recovery icon will appear. Images can be arranged by hanging and putting down. There are also photos of different types of layouts, including numbers, strings, dates, and sizes.
Images support image compression. By default, no compression mode is selected, so the quality and size of the PDF are the same as the selected images. Choose low, medium, or high compression to reduce the PDF size. Low compression will reduce the size of the PDF while maintaining the image quality, so it is strongly recommended that you opt for compression. Higher compression reduces the size of the PDF as much as possible. However, it is recommended that you select high compression when selecting high resolution images.
Easy setup for easy, convenient and beautiful user experience.
B Features All b features are free and there is no limit to the number of conversations you can have to create a PDF.
PDF PDF does not have a watermark, so it can be used for business purposes.
With the ILP image from InfoSoft to PDF Converter, your privacy is well protected.
This app uses the device’s camera and storage permissions. This is for users to take photos and select photos from the gallery. We will never change your device or original photos.
————- Frequently Asked Questions ————–
Have my photos been processed online?
no. Your photos are only processed offline.
What can I do if I create a PDF and forget my password?
To protect your privacy, we never share any information with you. So remember your password and remember that we cannot get a password-protected PDF password.
Are my PDF files safe online?
no. Your files are only stored on your device, so make sure you back up all your files before going to a new device or restoring factory settings. Sometimes files are accidentally deleted by hand or by some cleaning programs, so it is always advisable to make a backup of all the files.
Is there a limit to exchanging PDF files?
no. You can create any kind of PDF files.
Is there a watermark in the PDF?




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