Image To PDF Converter || Free Offline Best Apk

DefinitelyImage To PDF Converter || Free Offline Best Apk

PDF files from photos / photos to protect free, offline and password protected from PDF converter / JPG from PDF converter:


PCF to convert images. Users-proof markup with password protected from PDF: 1. Select image / images from the gallery with icon. Camera option is also available to pick up, select and change new images. 2. Press and disrupt the unwanted images and choose the cancel. 3. Change in PDF. 4. View Created PDF list. 5. Open the PDF file using any PDF viewer / editor. 6. Share, rename or delete PDF file in the list. Features: Create PDF gallery or take new photos directly from the camera and convert them to PDF A password protected PDF. Password protected PDF file has been well encrypted and no one can open the file without going to the file supports Rotary and supports trimming images. After selecting the pictures, the image preview is available by clicking on the picture. Swipe left or right to preview all the selected options. According to a need to turn and cutting, a case can be based on. Support re-return to re-photo. If more than one images have been explained, the rearngeon icon is available. Dragging and pulling pictures can be re-organized. There are several types of image sortings, including numbers, data, history and sizes. Image image pressure supports. Default, no compression mode is selected, so the quality and size of the PDF will be equally from selected images. Choose less, medium or more pressure to reduce PDF size. Reducing the quality of the icon reduces the low compression PDF file size, so you recommend that you choose it’s compression. High-speed pdf increases size, but it is recommended when selecting high resolution images only select high compression. Easy design for smooth and beautiful user experience. All features are free and there is no ban in making PDF files. PDF is not clear to so that it can also be used for commercial purposes. Your privacy I2P – Image is well protected with DLM Infusses through PDF converter. This app uses camera license and device storage space. It is the law of taking users and choose from the gallery. We will never change your original device or your photos. ————– FAQ Questions General Tools ————— Is it taken online action on my photos? Your photos are not only offline action. What should I do if I forgot your password when creating PDF? To respect your privacy, we do not store information with us. So please remember your password and note that there is no way to get a PDF file from your password. Is my PDF files safe online? No, your files are only secured on your device, please refer to your new backup new factory or factory reset. Sometimes, files are easily deleted by manually or any cleaning software, so always always refuses to backup files. Is there any restriction in changing PDF files? No you can create any number of PDF files. What is a tag in the PDF prepared? No


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