Internet Blocker Apk For Android

Block internet access with Internet Blocker NO ROOT data usage and Wi-Fi Guard.

Looking for effective ways to limit your Internet usage?

Do you want to block the internet for apps with a simple touch of a button?

* Bloker *

Download Internet Blocker and monitor Wi-Fi and data usage for every app on your Android device. Block internet access and force background data restrictions for selected apps, and rest easy knowing they won’t eat up your valuable data or battery.

* Simple user interface *


Our NetBlocker application allows a quick and easy way to restrict Internet access for applications. Block Wi-Fi and stop data usage at the touch of a switch in any app.

Best of all, when you want to unblock internet access, you can disable the entire internet blocking app, instead of re-disabling internet blocking for each app individually.

* Without root fast and easy *

Our lock app internet access technology works for any Android smartphone running Android 5.1 and above. No root required. Select Apps Only.And immediately limit access to the Internet.

Blocking the Internet can help:

1: Save your battery.
2 : Reduce your data usage.
3 : Increase your privacy.
4 : Features of our internet guard Mind:

★ Easy to use web blocker tool to control internet usage.No root required

Turn on/off every app on your phone with one touch.

★ Enable/disable internet blocker tool.

★ Our app data locker is compatible with Android O.

If you want to block internet access, like block internet for WhatsApp or similar apps that use background data, just download Internet Blocker.

Try this Wi-Fi Guard blocker now for free!




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