Iphon 13 Smart Phone

iPhone is the smartphone designed by the ios operating system and lnc by apple which is an American multinational company and the largest information technology company, which is available at higher prices, the main difference between the android and ios operating systems is their prices, androids are available in cheaper price.

The fifteen generations of the iPhone company were developed in early 2000, and 1st iPhone version was released in 2007, at the end of 2009 models of I phone were released in all major markets. People prefer the iPhone instead of the android due to its specification, good quality, and many more multiple features.

As we know that it’s time for social media everyone has a camera face, they need high-quality video and picturing camera, iPhone will provide you with a high-class camera, that’s why people prefer iPhone instead of android phone. It contains a lightning-fast chip, that can speed up

the phone. It is made up of ceramic sheets, and a durable flat edge design, and has a super routine XDR display.

It is also a water resistance smartphone. 45-degree lenses are fit in the dual camera, also have the feature of the ultra-wide camera with a faster sensor. It can reveal dark area photos more clearly.


iPhone 13 has a flat analog to that of other existing apple products, there is a big difference such as cameras. iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini are available in 6 different colors, midnight, product red, blue, pink, green, starlight.

Specification Of Iphone 13


Its hardware is consists of a bionic chip which is made with integrated circuits. It has a core 6 CPU, core 4 GPU, and a 16 core neural engine.


The iPhone 13 has a 15 cm display at a resolution of 2532 by 1170, and a pixel density of 460 ppl.


The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini has the same camera functions with three cameras, one front camera and two are back cameras. The back camera both contains the large sensor and OIs on the main camera. The camera is designed vertically at the back with a larger sensor.

The camera uses the apple large compilation photography which is known as HDR. This has multiple effects, filters, cool warmness, smoothness of the picture also have a good quality of the pictures at night due to the larger sensor, and make the picture more pleasant.

Rack focus between the subject and the camera, creating little depth. you are just recording cinematic mode will hold the focus on the picture and create depth in the picture. It is also focused when the new subject enters, you can create videos that feel like movies. deep fusion is active in the dark areas to brighten the pixels of the picture.


The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini are based on IOS 15, android operating system 15 is currently released by the Apple company.


Apple company has a reporting tool to repair smartphone components. If your phone is damaged, then these components are not available in the local market, and components like screen and battery are not be replaced. Some components of the iPhone 13 are attached to the motherboard.


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