Mercado Libre: Compras Online Apk For Android

24 hour delivery on the best deals: Appliances, Electronics & +

Great special offer with free shipping in 24 hours. Download the Mercado Libre app and take the chance to save on your online purchases with the best prices! Find a wide variety of products: Appliances, TVs, Refrigerators, Kitchens, Clothing, Shoes, Electronics, Cell Phones, PC Gamers and more. Besides, of course, you can sell your products.

To buy online


1 : Buy everything you need with the Mercado Libre app! It is very easy to find prices and consult online.

2 : Learn about the different types of products! Appliances (Stove, Refrigerator), Clothing, Electronics (Cell Phone, PC Gamer), Food & Beverages for sure online using the official application that brings together millions of products from your favorite brands.

3 : Find the largest variety of products so you can compare prices, see reviews from other shoppers and be ready to make your purchase online.

4: In the largest online store you will find many categories and you can add all kinds of products and gifts in a single application, such as:

– Supermarket: aperitif, dessert, chocolate, fine;

– Fashion: t-shirts, shirts, pants, jeans, shoes, sportswear;

– Appliances: refrigerator, stove,

microwave, washing machine, vacuum cleaner;

– Electronics: computer games, notebooks, cell phones. – Personal care: perfume, make-up, cream;

– Automobiles: Vehicle accessories, new and manufactured products.

Promotions, offers and low prices to save on your online shopping. In addition to enjoying promotions, with our free shipping in 24 hours * you will receive your online purchase much faster.

In the online store you can find special discounts and fair brands: electronics (cell phones, laptops), cars, motorcycles, appliances (refrigerators and microwaves), sunscreen, perfumes, cosmetics, fashion (shoes, jeans, pants Shorts, dresses) and sportswear.

Advantages of online shopping in the application:

– Mark the products you like the most and buy them in the promotion.

Simplify online shopping with price, location, and free shipping filters.

– We have a variety of products by category to compare prices: appliances, furniture (beds, mattresses, sofas), fashion (clothes, jeans, shorts, dresses, shoes), makeup, cosmetics (sunscreen, sunscreen), Furniture, food and drinks.

– Save money with discounts in official online stores.

– 12 installments using debit card, credit card, cash or without a Mercado credit card, or with funds available in your Mercado Pago account

– Receive your order without leaving home with free shipping within 24 hours.

Manage your online purchases and start selling online.

– Shop online with extra offers and free shipping: Electronics (Cell Phones, Notebooks), Games, Appliances (Stove, Fridge), Motorcycles, Cars, Books, Sunscreen, Beauty Products, Furniture (Sofa, Mattress), Sports Clothing, clothes, pants shoes, hats, supermarket products, soft drinks, snacks and sweets.

Avail discounts for your online products at low prices with special promotions.

Online sellers


1-With Mercado Libre you can sell fast!

2-Create your ads for free in 4 easy steps and

3-An empire of online sellers.

4-Get advice online.


5- Chat with your hairdresser or salesperson via our instant messaging tool.

Household Appliances (Refrigerator, Microwave, Stove, Washing Machine), Perfume, Beauty Products, Makeup, Clothing (Shoes, Jeans, Pants, Clothes), Sports, Electronics (Cell Phone, PC Gamer, E-Book), Cars, Motorcycles Sell ​​it. For, tires, food and beverages.

This does not apply to Mercado Libre, an online shopping application.




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