Multi Space Apk For Android

Enable multiple accounts/accounts, WhatsApp conjugation, similar apps to create a parallel space

❓ Do you have dual social accounts for work and personal life, want to compare them?
❓ Lesson Lesson How to use half or more to protect multiple accounts on the Internet if you lose a WhatsApp message?

You can choose multispace for users who log in more than one account (multiple accounts) from the simsa app on one phone, you can easily access WhatsApp conjugation and Facebook conjugation.

====== Main Feature ======

❗❗ One phone, multiple accounts, online at the same time
❗❗ Compatibility with most Android apps: Multiple games and social apps
❗❗ Super App Cloner to create parallel apps or multiple accounts
❗❗ Conjugate WhatsApp or multiple WhatsApp to maintain work-life balance

👉 Keep multiple accounts registered at the same time
✔ Keep your multiple accounts online at the same time.
✔ Dual accounts to experience your games and enjoy more fun.
✔ Multiple accounts separate from each other, don’t worry about mixed messages.

👉 Switch accounts easily
✔ Switch between different accounts quickly with one click to manage multiple accounts.

👉 The process is all like the system
✔ Click for more operations: Create shortcut, rename or uninstall.
✔ Do not install any more applications on your phone, so that your phone works perfectly!

❗❗ Note: ❗❗
✔ Permissions: The multispace class has many system permissions to ensure applications run normally in multispace. But multispace without collecting personal information.
✔ Support Language: English, Chinese, Arabic, French, Bahasa Indonesia, Portuguese, Tiếng Việt, Spanish, Thai

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