Oppo Mobile X 2021 Model

Oppo Mobile x 2021 model

At first glance it looks like another normal phone

but once you move around in the fingerprint area,

the screen gets bigger! Just like the movie, the

phone slowly moves from a 6.7-inch size to a 7.4-

inch tablet-like size and then goes down! Isn’t that


And the software interface adapts to the best

experience. How “maximum”? With the extended

screen, you can now easily perform multitasking.


You can also see detailed tweets from the left

column, such as videos, by scrolling through all the

tweets from the left column at once. This is even

better if you visit e-commerce sites like Amazon or

my sponsor GeekBoinging.com.

Not only that, it also offers the best video visual

experience, as soon as you put it in scene mode,

the video size will be adjusted automatically,

without interference, it’s easy! Even in the vertical

position, the ratio is very good.


Oppo added that users can freely adjust the screen

size so that you are not limited to just 6.7 inches or

7.4 inches. That’s why the label is “permanent

change.” What about the Oppo X2021 Rolls? Simply

put, this phone is basically a motorcycle roller, in

which a large part of the OLED panel is placed in

the “torp” for maximum speed, as it is itself a “roll

motor” in the left roller.

(6.8 mm with roll diameter) In hidden space, the

phone itself consists of a physical structure “2-in-1

plate”: these two parts are operated evenly and

evenly for better and structural support. And with

this design, the OPPO X2021 almost doesn’t get any

results! Now you may be wondering what the future

holds for these previous technologies.

Well, with this horizontal retractable mechanical

structure, the phone is low. There will be space for a

compact internal structure, so the mode of the

current lens can pass through a spectacled lens, for

example, and thus a longer length can be obtained.

Yes, and great photos and videos can also be taken.


The sound quality can be higher and give them a

better bass. OPPO government employees told us

that the design of this ‘recovery’ mechanism is also

designed for batteries and springs. e offers more

possibilities. Let’s see! Are you happy on this

phone? Just knowing that this is a fake phone, Boya

will never see the official announcement.


There are still some obvious questions you might

want to look at here, such as thickness, front

camera and phone stability. But come on, today we

offer OPPO respect for spirit, feeling and respect.

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