Permanent Delete Files Data Eraser App Download Free

Cut and delete all types of data and files securely with Eraser app.

Permanent Delete Files Data Eraser App Download Free

Permanent deletion is all kinds of data that
does not permanently delete all files that are
never restored, even thumbnails. With
permanent deletion, your data is completely
erased and prevents you from falling into the
hands of malicious people, because if you sell
your device, some people will try to recover
your personal data. So that no one can recover
this personal data with this security eraser. It
uses a fast algorithm that divides it into

seconds and secures your device. You can also
use it to permanently delete files from your
memory card.


Easy navigation for removal:
With permanent removal, you can easily
navigate to find and shred files forever. It has its
own file explorer to provide easy access to your
gallery and personal data. Eraser also offers
strong integration with your device’s built-in
file manager, and you can view all your recently
uploaded files in your phone gallery. This app’s
dedicated gallery for deleting files is great, and
you can have your photos in one place and
videos in another.


Custom Gallery:
The uniqueness of Permanent Removal and
Safe Eraser is the gallery dedicated to different
types of files. Also you can find all your photos
in one place, and you can easily crop them from
there. The same goes for permanently deleting
videos and permanently deleting files.


There are no restrictions on file type:
You can delete files without any restrictions.
Just go to the section and click to save the
eraser. If you want to permanently delete a
photo then go to the gallery of this secure
delete app and tap on the photos you want to
delete permanently. The same goes for deleting


Permanent removal features:
Easy to use file eraser.
Dedicated gallery of photos, videos and files.
Photos have been permanently deleted.
• Easy to navigate
Safe cleaning of videos.
• Excellent UX/UI.
Files Delete files permanently.
Data Delete all data in seconds.
Select multiple files to perform multiple cuts.


How to use permanent removal:
There are three options on the index screen. 1.
Delete photos permanently, 2. Delete videos, 3.
Delete files. Go to the desired section and click
on File. Suppose you want to permanently
delete a photo, then go to the Photos section
and tap on Single or Multiple and then tap on
the Cut button below and delete it
permanently. Permanent deletion is an attempt
to ensure that no one recovers your personal
data after it has been deleted. Cut the file types
you want to delete without any restrictions.
Use it for free and if you like, share this
awesome safe eraser with your friends and




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