Phone Doctor Plus App

Ultimate Phone Tester – The best test of 30 hardware tests for Android

Phone Doctor Plus App

More than 30 hardware and system diagnostics to help you diagnose

smartphone problems. Market Value Assessment of Used Smartphone,

Watch Video

Quick Assessment and Value Comparison System to provide you with easy

and fast conversion channel.

The newly added “One Test”, “Battery Test” and “Refreshed Interface” and

tests related to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 have been added.

Who needs Dr. Phone Plus

People who sell their smartphones: phone doctor testing system, price

comparison and target verification. Also to help you find the right seller



For new smartphone buyers: Checking for new phones to avoid


People who buy used smartphones: Easily filter annoying phones to find

phones that offer good value for money.

For those who like to play with smartphones: System optimization and

testing features to maintain maximum user experience.

Program features include:

1. Accurate pricing: Compare the price and price of used smartphones

based on test results, support online used phone business.

2. More than 30 hardware tests: detect indoor issues within 3 minutes.

3. System Monitoring and Optimization Settings: Combine hardware,

battery, memory, and storage monitoring to help you optimize your device.

4. Battery monitoring and optimization: Extends battery life and saves

battery usage.

mobile. Monitor the status and usage of mobile data: Analyze network

issues to identify mobile data usage and prevent further use of mobile data


Make sure you have a network connection before running Phone Doctor


If you are having trouble, you will need to install and uninstall Phone Doctor




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