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Photo filters, photo frames, effects, collages and montages for quick finishing touches.

Photo Lab has a large collection of stylish and funny photo effects: more than 900 effects so

far! Exciting photo montages of faces, photo frames, animated effects and photo filters are here for you to enjoy.

Create your photo in seconds without using a professional editor and set it as a contact icon or background, send a signed virtual postcard to a friend or share it with any social network.

Apple’s first B features include:

Neuro Art Styles:
A smart (and fast) new way to turn any photo into a work of art – choose from over 50 virtual styles.

Photo frame:
If you need a finishing touch to your favorite photo, choose one of our beautiful frames.

Original photo effects:
Keep your image in a non-linear format. Brush it up in a private car or leave it on the beach as a sand print. Welcome to a new and exciting experience!

Edit page images:
Just turn around and transform yourself or your partner into a pirate, astronaut or wild demon. Very complex manipulations are managed using automatic face tracking algorithms to create very unusual selfies.

Photo filters:
You don’t need a professional photo editor to customize your photos with different photo filters like black and white, neon glue, oil paint and much more.

photo collage:
Take a fun photo of yourself and your friends going out together in a romantic or futuristic setting.

The application’s simple and psychological interface helps you learn to use the photo editor quickly. New photo frames and effects are added with every update. We have useful conversations with our clients. If you do not find any special photo effects in the library, contact the team and you can see them in future updates.

Photo Labs will change your life forever! *

Photo Lab may or may not change your life, but you will love it!

Note that Photo Labs is an internet based application. It helps us keep your device memory free from lots of resources to create high quality artwork of your photos.




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