Photo Recovery App For Android

Photo Recovery App For Android

recovery lost precious memories!! Accidentally deleted photos !! Important files !! Lost documents!! Important PDF !! misplaced Office Files!! Wanna get back??

DiskDigger photo it’s an incredible app for the recovery of accidentally deleted photos from your galley also from recycle bin. The unique features are maintained graphics, visual quality. This app can recover your RED video, Open Document Text (.ODT), Spreadsheet (.ODS), Presentation (.ODP), Graphics (.ODG), and many more.

As years when we visit someone’s home, any restaurant, historical place and especially we took snaps, videos. In simple simples, we can say that we want to save that moment. Wanna make some beautiful memories. If we lost those

precious memories then we become gloomy, sad, and depressed. DiskDigger photos help us to reconnect our emotions with that heat of the moment.

This extraordinary app was introduced in 2016 almost 6 years ago. With the passages time, more and more advanced versions are introduced. If you have such an extraordinary app you can’t have to rush for computer operators for data recovery. In the an, you can recover that listed data on your own.
And the most important thing is that this app considers your privacy, you do not have to give assess to your account information or your details. The main restriction of this app you can’t access data if you root your device. If the data is simply deleted then can recover as well as the data is not present in your recycling bin. It’s not a big deal for the DiskDigger photo.

For working Disk Digger required minimum time to recover the data. For instance, if you want to recover photos that are 20 MBs to 40MB or pic then Disk Digger take 10 minutes to give you the precious memories back

Some prominent features are given below

• Recover video with same graphics
• Recover photos
• Provide free license
• Easily access your

How to use

• Simply install fray store
• Then get login
• Simply Download deleted data
• Save into the gallery again

A most important feature of this app it takes a full grantee to keeps you data confidential, as you know some pictures, and videos documents are important and personal. Even you don’t want to share with your family members. Now nowadays a common problem for the young generation to keep the data confidential. DiskDigger provide you complete surety.



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