Pocket Sense Anti Theft Don’t Touch Alarm Download Apk

Request to keep thieves and counterfeiters away from your phone.

Pocket Sense Anti Theft Don’t Touch Alarm Download Apk

Don’t worry about packets or mobile thieves around you when you’re traveling or in public. Pocket Sense reduces your stress with our smart solutions. Install the Pocket Sense app and activate Pocket Sense mode.

it is! If a cell phone thief steals a cell phone from your pocket, you will alert them. You can turn off the alarm by turning on the phone online or turning off the pocket sensor mode.

Do you receive cell phones from your workplace or living room? Want to know when someone can access your phone? Enable the charge sensor mode in the app. You will be notified with an alarm and a phone will reconnect.

Pocket Sense – Warn you if someone pulls a cell phone out of your pocket.
Charging Status – Notifies you when your phone stops charging.
Motion Sensor Mode – Alerts you with an alarm if someone has access to a mobile website.
You can dedicate a few seconds to prevent the alarm from activating immediately.
Adjust the sensitivity of the sensor

Note: The pocket sensor on the phone will not work properly.





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