Samsung Mobile Galaxy A02s Review

Samsung doesn’t take any captives when it comes to its budget and entry-level smartphone segment, you’ll see the Samsung Galaxy A02s a direct successor to the A01 from last year and yet it’s taking it very high Yes, without any footprints.

Here are the censored Izzi people and welcome to the channel, so yes we see the Samsung Galaxy A02s that I have taken a few days and whenever I take it, I have to design it especially the backup design Like, but. .. Not the only design that makes a smartphone quite good. What is the actual price offered for this device? The Samsung Galaxy A02s is the cheapest Samsung series device of 2030, starting at around 120,000 or 52.52,000 for the 3GB version with 32GB storage in 2021.

What we got from the Samsung Galaxy A01 is double. The 4GB version also has 64GB of storage and is a bit more expensive. You’ll find a Snapdragon 450 processor, a triple color camera, an efficient 5000 mAh battery, and a 15W fast charging. My referral links in my statement are with the most up-to-date price, you can support the channel by purchasing with my link.

Also, if you enjoy this video, please subscribe to the channel. Before we get into this review, let’s see what you will get when you buy the Samsung Galaxy A02. Standard packaging, standard accessories, thanks to which we still have a charger that may be missing from the big flagship signal this year.

Below is the user manual, warranty card, earphones, 15W fast charger, USB cable, and SIM card device. Neither the screen protector nor the safety issue as we have a lot of tools at this price that you can find in the box. When I first saw the A02, what caught my eye and was its camera steam that reminded us of the Samsung Galaxy S20FE and at the same time Bose from the 2020 Top A series just because it Is plastic And it’s not glass, you turn red, black, blue and white.

I prefer blue when it has a tail at the edges, its end is one end and the two-sided head appears. The volume buttons are on the right side of the device where we also have the power button. Like the previous one, the A02 also doesn’t come with a fingerprint sensor, so you’ll have to rely on a PIN or B pattern for security, or if you have a USB-c port, you’ll face unlock Which would be a less secure option.

Headphone jack and mono speaker. You also have the dual noise of canceling the microphone. The Samsung Galaxy A02s accepts two nano SIM cards, and an additional microSD card slot. On the screen we have glass, which is 6.5 inches long, the same size as the one you saw 12 years ago. It is a TFT screen with a resolution of 720 x 1600 and a pixel density of 270 pixels per inch. It includes infinite-v design with thin bezels and somewhat large chains.

You can easily use it for media content and you will have no problem covering 720p YouTube content. Includes Dol Dolby Atoms to improve audio performance with headphones. Through the A02s you get a bright brightness level, which is great for outdoor use. Enough is enough. The Samsung Galaxy A02s is an entry-level device so you shouldn’t expect advanced performance, but I think it’s great for its price and past performance.

I’m seeing a significant increase in performance. From A01. It is currently running Android 10 with Samsung One UI 2.5 and it is expected to be Android 11 but not sure when. Over the last year or so I have found it very dark and like the A11. It uses the same Snapdragon 450 chipset found in the A11, and has more RAM. The Samsung Galaxy A02 will run entirely on generic apps and will work great with multi-tasking, which is capable of storing up to four apps in memory.

Through the user interface, you get the minimum amount of Bluetooth technology, most of it is useful and you will not get any advertisement. Although the A02 has more memory than the previous one, if you get the 32GB version you will still want to use the SD card as it will fill it up soon. This system uses about 9 GB and leaves you with 22 GB of available space. To match this stable performance, the A02 comes with a 5000mAh battery which is really hard to beat. You can get a battery that lasts more than a day at full charge.

This rate lacks fast charging and USB-c, but the A02s comes with a 15W fast charger and can get 0 to 100 more power in a couple of hours. Although it is an entry level tool and not a tool to consider for serious sports, it can handle some games, even in low graphic settings. It still outperforms the A12 by offering more graphics options like the Ducati Mobile of the Year, and I think it can be attributed to the Snapdragon processor.

With the help of PUBG Mobile it starts with easy default graphics settings but you can get balanced and average frame rates. Want to go Best to play in the default order for best performance. The Samsung Galaxy A02s has a total of 4 cameras. The Unlimited-v desktop has a 5 MP selfie camera with triple cameras on the back, a 13MP main sensor with a small 2MP camera and a deep sensor.

Although the fingerprint sensor may have made a lot of sense, but … that’s it. I would recommend it for a suitable backup tool or for someone who just wants a good Android device at a low price with a very good battery life and doesn’t really care about heavy usage or gaming. For this price you get a good value for money.

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