SpeedTest By Ookla For Android Apk

The way to measure internet performance is known as a speed test. It is used to measure the speed connections, maximum speed, and how fast your device will upload and download anything. Also, measure the time taken to find or load anything.

A speed test is simply a way to test the internet that you have how strong

internet connection. There are many applications to test internet connection, latest version of mobiles have software to test the speed or speed up your mobile, if your mobile has not to speed test feature then install the application “Speed test by Ookla” and enjoy the multiple features of the application.

This is the most accurate way to test your internet, test your network video’s streaming capability, you will stay secure and get 2GB free data for VPN usage for unlimited data go premium and enjoy the unlimited data, also provides you the map coverage. This application is completely safe, never harms your device, and never drains battery power. Users have positive reviews about this application.

How Ookla Work?

• Install the “Speed test by Ookla” application from the google play store.

• Open the application.

• Click on the begin test button on the front page.

• Find the server near to you.

• Test the ping.

• Test the download speed of your internet connection.

Features of this application:

• This will have a fast searching speed, discover your downloads and upload the ping.

• This application provides you with the feature of map coverage.

• Provides you with the monthly free VPN connection, stay secure and safe.

• You can take the video test and measure its time of loading and buffering.

• show you the speed in the real-time graph.

• Test the multiple connections to test the speed, test the internet speed.

• Troubleshoot or verify the speed test.

• Track the past tests.

• You can easily share your speed test.

Comforts of this application:

Check the quality of internet bandwidth.

Test your connection speed by using software apps.

Easy, simple, and fast.

Get 2 GB monthly free VPN data, and enjoy the secure connection.

This will show you the result in three main

parameters, ping download, and upload speed.

Go premium and enjoy unlimited data.

By using this application you will be able to measure the speed accurately.

Users will not receive the advertisements.
speed up the internet.

Provides you with the map.

Give higher priority to their network traffic.

As we know that the internet become a part of our life, we always remain in search of anything this will speed up your mobile and load your results faster.

It conducts the speed test and the location of its servers.

It is easy to use this application.
You can test the connection speed with just a single click.


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