Spike Email – Mail to Team Chat Apk For Android

The power of email with the simplicity of chat.

Turn your email into a chat and simplify managing your inbox with this revolutionary email client! → Join over 150,000 teams with Spike’s secure email app to turn your email into chat, be more productive and get things done.

Spike’s revolutionary email app simplifies email and makes sending email as easy as sending a text message. We’ve taken the best components of chat and messaging and combined them with Mail. With Spike Email Chat, you become more responsible, more organized, and less distracted in managing your email.

Increase teamwork productivity, responsiveness and collaboration, organize and organize emails.

How can Spike’s email app help you be more productive?
Simplify everything you need in one device
Location: From work email to personal email. Chat, communication, tasks, to-do lists, calendar management and more have never been easier!

*** The power of email with the simplicity of chatting ***

Bring the best features of Messenger to email. Instead of managing long email threads, Spike’s email app organizes your inbox into conversations like your text messages. Create group chats, group chats, or one-to-one chats. No more repetitive headers, signatures, and long threads.

* Manage Your Tasks Organize and prioritize tasks and team projects *

create, chat, organize, set reminders, and complete tasks from your inbox. Best email for teams. Spike’s email client allows you to email, collaborate with your team, and share documents without leaving your inbox.

* Keep your inbox organized *

Spike’s smart priority inbox eliminates distractions so you can focus and get things done. Sort the most important messages first and move low priority messages later.

* Consolidate your inbox *

link any email address and manage multiple email accounts.
Spike works with email accounts like iCloud,
Office 365, MS Exchange, AOL Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, MS Exchange, Yahoo Mail, IMAP, Alto,
Gmail, IONOS Email, GoDaddy Email, Office 365, Comcast, Verizon, AT&T and more.
Just sign in and connect your work email or personal email to get started.

* Supercharged Email Features *

1 : Undo Send – Did I make a mistake? You have 10 seconds to undo this message – 1 click to unsubscribe – unsubscribe and block spam emails
2 : Super Search Find who you are instantly
Search without opening a single email.
3 : Quote replies: reply to a specific chat.
messages with ease
4 : Send Later: Schedule any item to arrive in someone else’s inbox at the right time.
5 : Mass actions – Mark as read, deleted or saved.Thousands of emails
6 : Reminders, message templates, snooze emails and more
7 : Group Chat – Add any member of your team to a group chat to make email collaboration easier and more productive.

* EMAIL Spike *

Email Spike is the easiest to use secure email app accessible from any device, anywhere. Notes, calendar events, team chats, documents, tasks, group chats, and email accounts seamlessly sync in real-time across all devices (mobile, desktop, and web).

* Email collaboration for team productivity *

Email collaboration has never been better. Get all the tools you need to collaborate on team conversations, notes, documents and more. Plan, discuss and execute together in real time. You can easily access all shared files from the team chat profile

* Privacy Guarantee *

*Spike’s secure email app is ad-free and does not rent, sell, distribute or monetize your data. ever We believe privacy and security are essential to any conversation. Secure Email Chat encryption keeps your data safe.




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