Split Cloud Double Music Play Two Song At Once Apk

Share your mods with music and playlists through this dual music player app

Split Cloud Double Music Play Two Song At Once Apk

Split Cloud is the only animated music player that allows you to share headphones and listen to two different songs at the same time!

If you share headphones with a friend or colleague, this app is for you!

You can access all the songs except SoundCloud Music saved in your device’s music library.

All b

Multi-platform list support – Create custom listings

Find any song or user profile from SoundCloud®

Write all your music in folders

Find and listen to all the songs and albums stored on your phone

Listen to thousands of Internet radios from all over the world

Find popular and business charts and find lots of music

Use Splitter Cloud as a regular music player when you don’t need to share.

Scalable for free for each player

Change and repeat your songs

Save your favorite voice lists to your SoundCloud account

Perform a song by pressing and holding each gesture

Change the audio channels to change the R / L channel output when using split mode.

Choose the best to-do list for each situation

Get the recommended audio track based on the song you are listening to





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