Test Your Mobile Best Apk Free Download

Do you want to test your Android phone?

With this app, you can easily create any problem with your mobile phone. You can pre-download it from the Play Store.

Download “Test your mobile” app to test your mobile features and you can get all Android system information in one app.

You can check all the options in your mobile below.

What can you do with a “mobile test”?!
1. Battery test
2. Wi-Fi Test
3. Blink test
4. GPS test
5. Back and front camera test
6. Touch test
7. Volume buttons test
8. Headphones test
9. Mike Test
10. Vibration test
11. Sensor test
12. Compass test
13. Phase counter test
14. Audio jack test
15. CPU Monitoring
16. Home tonic test
17. Power button test
18. Performance Test
19. Cellular network test
20. Multi-touch screen test

Features in “Test Your Mobile”
1. Check internet speed
2. QR code scanner and generator
3. Flash
4. Single adapter
5. Voice recorder
6. Recorder of the Year
7. Use of information
8. Screen Recorder




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