The second wave of corona virus in India

The second wave of corona virus in India

Hello friends! India is now officially going through the second wave of corona virus. I have heard! Not much has been said about the virus yet, but it is back. Should we expect another country to be deported?


Or, most importantly, does the dam work? Does our country need another dam? And how did the second wave start so suddenly? Let’s find out in today’s article. One thing is very clear, and that is that the number of corona virus cases in the second wave is increasing rapidly. If you compare that with the increase in events during the first wave of last year.


You will see that the second wave chart of this year is very hesitant. But if you look at the death toll graph, the increase in the second wave will not be as great as in the first wave. Can it be said that the second wave is less deadly than the first? Experts believe that the right result can not be obtained at this stage.


This is because there is often a 2-3 week delay between the increase in cases and the number of deaths. Another interesting fact is that 84 cases of the second wave were observed in only eight cases. The effects of the second wave are still being felt across the country. But the question arises. How do i do that How did the second wave come to us all of a sudden?


After September 2020, the second wave began in the United States and European countries. And now they are in the middle of the third wave. But in India, after September 2020, trade declined for five months. So far no clear answer has been found as to why this is happening.

But scientists have suggested some theories. About the possible reasons behind it. The first theory is that our Indians have a strong immune system. India is less hygienic than other developed countries. Malaria, typhoid and dengue are the most common diseases.


For this reason, some scientists suggest that the reason may be that Indians naturally have strong immune systems to fight the corona virus. Second, some experts suggest that the Indian climate may be a factor.


India is hot and humid and it is easy to avoid the virus in cold countries. Third, India is said to have a large youth population. Therefore, we have not yet seen many cases and deaths. Fourth, some experts believe that mask rules may be the result. However, I am quite confused.


Because how many people use masks when you look at photos, when you go out? There is a remarkable argument of the fifth experts, who say that about 65 Indians work abroad. Farmers, laborers and so on and they spend most of their time abroad. Numerous studies have shown that most infections spread within it.


Where air flow is not good. There are small drops in the air in our rooms. Therefore, he said, Indians are less at risk of migration than others. But remember one thing, friends, all these explanations are just ideas and the exact reason has not been proved.


What do you think you can think of for other reasons? Take a look below! What do you think will be the catastrophe in India in five months? Another question that arises is whether considering the reason for the decrease in cases in 5 months, now the cases are increasing? Where does the second wave come from in our country?


The exact answer remains a mystery. Scientists are not sure why the second wave was coming to India, and now a theory has been proposed for it. One theory is that people tend to be more neglected and avoid wearing masks and maintain social distance.


Is trying My personal opinion is that I don’t really believe much in this theory. People may be a little careless now, but have people suddenly become so careless? And suddenly he stops wearing a mask? I’m not sure it will make things faster. The second theory I firmly believe in is that there is a mutation in the virus. You may have heard of changes in the UK and South Africa, but some scientists believe that the virus is changing in India.


And this Indian change is spreading across the country. As you may recall, I told you in the video about the usual 19 code changes that when the virus changes, the maximum is transmitted. This means that it becomes more contagious. It spreads easily to humans, but is usually less deadly. But today the reality is that another wave of corona virus is coming to India.


What can be done to answer this? Some people suggest that India should make another exception. The question is, did the exploitation succeed? Let’s look at the facts. The fact is that the dam in India failed completely last year. See the graph of coed-19 cases. See how fast the chart went when there were no exceptions in India.


Even after being closely removed, the chart continued to rise. The graph was completed in September 2020. After that, the chart began to fall for five months. In those five months, no deportation took place in India.


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