Time Locker – Hide Pictures, Files and App lock Apk For Android

Hide photo, video locker. Secret photo vault and app locker

Time Locker is a secret gallery photo vault app to easily hide photos, hide videos and lock apps behind a clock app.

Hide apps icon without root by replacing it with other hidden icons like calculator, notes, radio and more.

** Main features **

1 :Keep everything secure around the clock, including personal photos, private movies, APKs, and important documents.
2 :Photo security and video privacy at the highest level with excellent UI/UX design.
3 -SD card support, including the latest Android 11 version.
4 -Powerful App Lock to lock apps like Messenger, Gallery, Contacts, Mail
5 -Hide recent tasks and hide notifications with app lock feature.
6 -Support to hide the clock icon and no one knows the existence of the video gallery vault except you.
7 -All Supports private web browser downloads.
Photos and videos on a web page with a single click.
8 -Simple file management system. (modification, transfer, rename, create folders, etc.)
9 -Beautiful, smooth and elegant user experience
10 -Support hide and play GIF.
11 -No storage limit for photo locker and video locker.
12 -Fingerprint support (only with compatible device fingerprint scanner)
13 -Supports blocking new apps and prevents them from being uninstalled.
14 -Add a cover for your album.

** Advanced features **

Quick exit: Time Locker automatically exits private gallery and locker when you press home button. This ensures that no one can see the hidden videos.

• Intruder Alerts – Protect your gallery from spies trying to break into your photo and video vault. When someone can’t open an app, we record the time and take a secret photo of the intruder.

Fake App Lock Cover – Choose from different app lock covers like Force Stop or Fingerprint Scan to hide locked apps.

Flip Action

• Flip action: WatchLocker app will close automatically when you flip your phone upside down. You can also choose a different app to open when the phone is turned upside down using Time Gallery Locker.

Lure Vault – If your parent or someone else asks you to open the photo lock or video lock, create a second password that unlocks the lure locker.

App Lock – App Lock to provide strong protection to your personal and social apps with real fingerprint app lock and password protection. Smart App Lock protects your apps, takes snooping photos and sends you instant emails. Disguise the app lock and camouflage cover to protect your device from others.

(Time Locker uses device administrator permissions.)
Time Clock Vault requires device administrator permission to prevent hackers from uninstalling it, and the app never uses this permission other than to prevent uninstallation. You can enable this permission from settings.

Time Locker uses accessibility services. Weather Gallery Locker requires Accessibility Services permission for a faster, better and more energy-saving app lock experience. You can enable it from AppLock settings or phone settings. We only collect the information needed to block the app.

** Frequently Asked Questions **

– Are my hidden files safe online? No, your files are only stored on your device, so be sure to back up all your hidden files before moving them to a new device or doing a factory reset.

– Forgot your password. How can I reset it? To reset the password, you need to open the time locker, enter 10:10 on the clock and press the middle button. A password reset option screen will open.

Note: Check all files before uninstalling the app to avoid losing files. After the app is uninstalled, you cannot retrieve the locked file inside the vault. We do not currently offer cloud storage. I’ll set up an email to retrieve your password if you forget it.

We focus on privacy protection, we provide professional Hide Image and Hide Video app to protect your privacy!
For any queries or suggestions, please contact us at our developer mail id.




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