Top Best Shooting Games in 2022 For PC


First-person shooter games are the most trending and the most famous game genre of the 21 century. As the gaming world progressed so did the games and so did the competition, here we have for you the top 5 best games of all time that you will definitely like. Don’t go AFK!!!

1. of Duty:

Call of Duty, One of the famous and most played games, provide the players with emotional mission deaths and worthy endings in the campaign of the game, while not all parts of the game dill well in the multiplayer session as the, Call of Duty; Modern Warfare did. Modern warfare is the most famous game in the COD series. Which for the last decade has continuously been played. The franchise released many other genre with futuristic, horror, Si-Fi and realistic world war series.


• 40+ games
• Comic books
• Merchandise
• Exports events
• Continued to the date version of the games
• Good sense of new idea


Another game that is no par with the call of duty is the battlefield franchise, for the past decade the war between the players of both franchise has been ongoing on which game is the best, as per the personal opinion where as the COD franchise have been an ongoing and has many options they are not as on par with the graphic levels with the battlefield.

Battlefield provides the best maps and much more realistic in game features with high-level graphics with a storyline that engulfs the players in with the urge to know what happens next. On the other hand its multiplayers is considered on of the best. It also provides verity of genre from world war series to the fatalistic events.


• 40+ games
• Realistic events
• Realistic graphics and more intense in game events.
• Explores history
• Tv series in 2013

3.Counter strike:

One of the oldest and the classic game that is still alive in between the current tigers and has maintained its class the forefather of the games that are more famous today, counter strike also as similar to the COD and Battlefield franchise has low graphics but provide with presumably the first shooter game with multiplayer.


• Mentioned its class
• Easy to play
• Available on Xbox
• Online servers are easy to connect to


If you are tired of playing all but similar concept games with world war series and futrasistic events then this game is for you, with a unique concept the protagonist battles on the mars and its moon with the demons as the boss and the undead as the small fries. The maps are unique and give of the hell environment if you are a fan of the horror shooter game then this is for you.


• Unique maps
• Unique concept
• 15+ games
• Available on Xbox and PlayStation
• Mobile spinoff


Are you a fan of superhuman concept games where you are experimentally exposed to the various tests and have attained super strength speed stamina and other abilities? If yes then you must play this game. With the concept of aliens and space ships along with realistic graphics and realistic features that will blow your mind. This game has one of the best natural island maps that capture the true beauty of the nature with its game engine.


• Super strength
• Naturalistic maps
• 7 games all with amazing graphics
• Novels
• Comics

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