Truecaller: Caller ID & Block Apk For Android

Truecaller: Caller ID & Block

We are sick of sudden unknown calls, which are more annoying and disturbing for you. You blocked these wrong numbers without knowing about that, which person is talking with you. You simply block the calls and SMS. But now you have not to need to worry about that, technology is increase and d, and different apps are being launched to detect spam calls and messages.

If you are rid of unwanted calls, search for an application that can automatically detect the wrong number and block the call. Then you are at the right place, to install the Truecaller application from the Google play store, which can automatically detect the unknown number, provides you the information about the contact, and automatically block the number.

With this call blocking, you can stop bots, spam callers, and another undesirable number that approaches you. Using the call blocking application, this will provides you with an additional level of security and also increase the agent productivity. Advance spam protector will detect and automatically block the wrong numbers and protects you from fraud numbers and SMS.

Powerful dialer and caller ID show you the person name who is calling you, which is not in your contacts. No need to pick up the call for knowing about the person, this will tells you before picking up the call. You can record the short videos which can automatically play when you are calling your friends and relatives.

You have not to need to worry about this application, this will act as a safeguard, provides you ah a complete privacy policy, will never steal your personal information, access your contacts, and never collect your phone numbers. This application is not large, so it could not harm your device’s internal storage and never drains the battery power. This will not save your contacts on the server, but give you complete privacy. The users will have positive reviews about this application. the developer may add some ads to it.

Steps to use the Truecaller application:

This application will have an easy and simple format to use. Here are the following steps to use this application.

  • Install the true caller application from the Google play store.
  • Open the app.
  • Click on allow to accept the permissions to access the mobile phone.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Set up the application.
  • To detect someone, add the number to the app and find the information about the person.
  • Install the application and enjoy the more features of the application.

Features and comforts of application.

This application will have amazing features and a pack of complete security. Here are the features and comforts of the application.

  • You can record short videos, and automatically play them when you are talking with your favorite people. 
  • Detect the caller ID, and name of a person.
  • Go to the Google drive and get the backup of call history, blacklist setting, messages, and contacts from the Settings of Google drive.
  • Use voice calling(VoIP) to call your friends.
  • Detection and blocking of spam.
  • Auto block scammers and frauds.
  • Protects you from the millions of fraud calls, robot callers, and telemarketers.
  • Free Group calls and group chats with your friends and relatives.
  • It is also message and text translation, work ass a text translator.
  • Detect the different foreign languages of different texts.
  • Go to the premium and unlock the more features of the application.
  • Get rid of annoying ads, this feature is available in premium.
  • You can dpostgost a call, and set a fake name numb, er and picture.
  • Announce the caller’s name, and know the name of the caller without watching the screen.
  • 300 million users are globally available on this application.
  • Install and enjoy the advanced application.


This application is offered by Truecaller released on May 31, 2012. This application may need some permissions to access the mobile. Here are some permissions that may request access to the mobile phone.

  • Wants access to get your precise location.
  • Access to your microphone to record the audio.
  • It read phone status and identity.
  • Want access to your storage to modify and read the deleted content of the Sd card.
  • Control vibration
  • Want full network access.
  • Connect with Bluetooth devices.
  • Receive data from the internet.
  • Prevents your phone from sleeping.
  • Play install referral ID.
  • Google advertising Id


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