U-Dictionary Oxford Dictionary Free Now Translate App Download Free

Free Oxford dictionaries and powerful multi-language translators.

U-Dictionary Oxford Dictionary Free Now Translate App Download Free

100,000,000 users in 150 countries.
* Google as the best and best self-improvement program.
A dictionary is a free dictionary and translation program.
U-Dictionary is now the official Oxford Dictionary in 12 languages!
Offline translation of sentences is also available! Enjoy translating 58 languages ​​offline offline.
U Dictionaries basically takes advanced dictionaries, Collins Advanced Dictionary, WordNet Dictionary, local examples, synonyms, synonyms and more. It also offers English language videos, games and questions to help you improve your English.
A dictionary is more than a simple dictionary! Easily translate text, photos or conversations into 108 languages. It meets all your translation needs, including study, work and travel abroad.
Official Oxford Dictionary: View the Oxford vocabulary in 12 languages. Learn from a number of valid definitions of specific points and sentences!
Translate Magic: Translate to WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to keep up with what’s happening with celebrities. Speak without restriction and read immediately.
Speech recognition is important: Learn a new language as soon as possible by following and practicing the voice! 6 Top Comments and Covers Thousands of Comments Daily!
Text translation: Translation between two languages ​​from 108 languages.
Camera translation: Snap to quickly translate text around you. Ken 93 tale.
Conversation translation: 49 languages, speech translation between 35 languages.
Grammar check: checks English text and corrects mistakes easily. Enjoy flawless writing.
Quick translation: Translate in one second without opening the U dictionary.
Offline Dictionary: Download free offline packages for 44 languages, Tsaurs, Tsauras, Collins Advanced Dictionaries and WordNet Dictionaries.
Offline translation: Free download of offline translation packages for 58 languages. Free from network restrictions.
Word lock screen: shows your preferred points on the lock screen. Expand your vocabulary at all times.
Copy in translation: Copy points or sentences in each application and get immediate meaning. (Note: due to access restrictions not available on Android 10.0+.)
My points: Mark the important points in different folders. Review from time to time.
Dark mode: adjust your phone in night mode; the U-dictionary appears with a dark subject.
Perfect English pronunciation: British (British) and American (American) pronunciation. I listen and learn.
Local examples: Reliable phrases derived from reputable international news sites.
Word games: discover synonyms and spelling games. Play and learn.
Exciting videos: learn easy and amusing English.




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