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Very secure and modern app lock and gallery lock to hide photos and videos.

All other program lock applications only offer PIN and pattern lock options to lock your programs and safes. Mostly our friends and colleagues can guess our PIN or pattern by peeking over our shoulders a few times. Do your friends, colleagues and family members regularly recommend your PIN? We offer an Ultra Lock app to solve your problem.

In addition to the Pin and Pattern Lock option, Ultra Lock offers the following unique lock options;

1. Hours and minutes pin: this option sets the current hours and minutes as your PIN on the lock screen. For example, if the current time is at 10:50 in the morning, your lock screen pin is 1050. Because hours and minutes change every minute on a cell phone, your PIN will change as well. Best of all, you do not always have to remember that you changed the pens.

2. Date and month PIN: If you do not want to change the PIN code of your lock screen every minute, you can use the date and month PIN to change the PIN of your lock screen to the current date and month. For example, if the current date is 05/06/2018 in DD / MM / YYYY format, your lock screen will be PIN 0506. The next day the PIN will be 0606.

3. Battery and battery pin: Battery and battery pin sets your lock screen pin as the current battery level in your phone. For example, if the current battery level is 50%, your pen on the lock screen is 5050.

In addition, Ultra Lock offers different combinations of hours, minutes, date, month and battery level, such as minute and date pins, month and minute pins, hour and date pins, minute and battery pins, and so on. This will make it difficult for others to guess your application lock password.

Other cute features in the app,

1. Time-based lock: you can enable or disable the lock for specific sets of programs based on time. For example, you can only close your social networking programs during your office hours from 9:00 to 17:00 and unlock them after the time.

2. Wi-Fi based lock: You can enable or disable the lock for specific set of applications based on your connected Wi-Fi. For example, you can activate the lock for messaging applications when you are connected to your office Wi-Fi, and deactivate the lock for them when you are disconnected.

3. Tracker: if someone tries to access your closed apps and the next time you unlock the lock screen, the app takes a photo with the front camera.

4. Last unlock time: If you unlock certain applications, Ultra Lock will display a notification with the last open time of the closed applications.

5. Lock pin modifiers: we offer reverse and reverse position changes that make it difficult to estimate your PIN. For example, if you use the reverse modifier option hour and minute pin type and the current time is at 12:15, the Ultra Lock app sets the lock screen pin to 5121, which is the opposite of the current time.

6. Random Numeric Keyboard: The lock screen of the program lock displays numeric keypad in random order.

7. Photo and Gallery Lock: You can lock your private photos and videos within Ultra Lock.




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